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      In recent weeks, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has positioned herself as a leading contender in the race to join former Vice President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. But growing civil unrest in her home state of Minnesota in response to the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer—and renewed scrutiny of her record as the top prosecutor in the state’s largest county—appears to have severely hampered her ambition to be the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee.

      “Vertiginous,” a campaign adviser said in a one-word text, describing Klobuchar’s fall in the rankings of potential running mates.

      The three-term senator’s drop has been so swift that a planned Minnesota digital event with Dr. Jill Biden and coronavirus first-responders scheduled for Friday was pulled, according to a source familiar with the campaign’s deliberations, “partly because we need to avoid her.”


      As do we all

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      in any public office has been “severely hampered” for that matter.

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      Let’s hope what she has is more contagious than coronavirus.

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      Betty Karlson
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      They will be on the receiving end of her angry disappointment.

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      Klobuchar would cost them dearly in terms of black votes. But I think they’re trapped in that respect. Black political leaders have made it clear they expect a black woman to be the VP candidate. And they want a black woman, not a woman “of color.” If they don’t get what they want, many black voters will stay home, or not lick the stamp, as the case may be. Putting Klobuchar on the ticket would actively offend many black voters. Of all the possibilities, she is the one most identified with discontented white voters in flyover country. Considering how much the party relies on black voters, the do need to avoid her.

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      ..even more than she already is.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        They all advance their careers by locking up as many people as possible, and they all are opposed to shortening sentences or ending for-profit prisons. Well, maybe someone can find an exception somewhere, but such exceptions will be few and far between.

        The thing is, neoliberals will turn to Kamala Harris without batting an eye when her record is even worse than Klobuchar’s because she was a state attorney general. That means they don’t give a shit about police brutality in general or police murdering black men in particular any more than Trump does. Those people must be kept in their place.

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          The only exceptions I would make would be the type of prosecutor who made a specialty of  going after white collar crime—which would rule out the Camel,because she let Mnuchin go free—or punishing rogue cops,which would disqualify Cowbuchar.

          It is interesting,isn’t it,how those status quo defenders will go after some types of crime but not others..

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      Babel 17
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      The Biden campaign might want to consider the optics and have friendly journalists mention how some women from that demographic are in the running to be Biden’s VEEP if he’s elected.

      If it becomes obvious that Klobuchar has no chance, and Kamala Harris becomes talked up as very possible, the Biden campaign better have a great narrative that defends her against the one of her being “Kamala the Cop”.

      And the exact background of Harris might not get talked about much,

      but it will be on some people’s minds. It was declared by the self proclaimed arbiters of decorum to be off-limit in the primaries, back when Biden couldn’t be called a liar, but all the signs indicate that the Trump campaign will have stripped away all that decorum way before election day. So Biden’s lies, and mental state, would be talked up, and so, albeit to a lesser degree, would be the heritage of Harris if she were the nominee. A lot of younger African Americans might not really see Harris as one of them, and instead see her as “Kamala Chameleon”, the fake Rasta Grrl who kept people in jail over weed busts.

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      ….are probably telling him to go with either Scamala Harris – who literally has done as many stupid things as a prosecutor as Amy has. Or Val Demings who not only has a snowball’s chance in my back yard of bringing a single voter to the ticket, but was a literal cop! Or there’s always the Susan Rice option, because she’s participated in the murders of more brown people than all the racist Nazi cops combined, so wouldn’t that be a great choice??

      For Hell’s sake. Just drop Biden & all these other serial right wing failures from consideration and give Bernie the goddamned nomination, if you really want the Orange Imbecile gone. Because I don’t see how else it’s gonna happen.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      B Calm
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