Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Joe Biden Can Fix on Day One

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      1) End the U.S. role in the Saudi-led war on Yemen and restore U.S. humanitarian aid to Yemen.

      Congress already passed a War Powers Resolution to end the U.S. role in the Yemen war, but Trump vetoed it, prioritizing war machine profits and a cozy relationship with the horrific Saudi dictatorship. Biden should immediately issue an executive order to end every aspect of the U.S. role in the war, based on the resolution that Trump vetoed.

      The U.S. should also accept its share of responsibility for what many have called the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today, and provide Yemen with funding to feed its people, restore its healthcare system and eventually rebuild this devastated country. Biden should restore and expand USAID funding and recommit U.S. financial support to the UN, the WHO, and to World Food Program relief programs in Yemen.

      2) Suspend all U.S. arms sales and transfers to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

      Both countries are responsible for massacring civilians in Yemen, and the UAE is reportedly the largest arms supplier to General Haftar’s rebel forces in Libya. Congress passed bills to suspend arms sales to both of them, but Trump vetoed them too. Then he struck arms deals worth $24 billion with the UAE as part of an obscene military and commercial ménage à trois between the U.S., the UAE and Israel, which he absurdly tried to pass off as a peace agreement.

      While mostly ignored at the behest of the weapons companies, there are actually U.S. laws that require the suspension of arms transfers to countries that use them to violate U.S. and international law. They include the Leahy Law that prohibits the U.S. from providing military assistance to foreign security forces that commit gross violations of human rights; and the Arms Export Control Act, which states that countries must use imported U.S. weapons only for legitimate self defense.

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      I wonder which it will be.

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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      Seriously.  And the comments agree with that.

      They are using our disgust with Trump to see what they can get away with, then once they determine people are cool with it, they’ll have their puppet Biden normalize their crimes, as Obama normalized Bush’s crimes.

      Only I don’t think Biden is an unwilling puppet, doing stuff he does not want to do.  No, looks to me like Biden enjoys war and austerity.  For everybody but his owners.

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      Won’t Fix

      Hmm – but that’s my expectations. I should wait until January 21.

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      he ran on attacking Trump specifically for being too dovish, as do all the people who endorsed–Clapper, Brennan, “rats up the ass” Negroponte

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