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Home Topics in Depth Science And Environment Tesla’s bid to quickly deploy energy storage in Australia takes the country by

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    Tesla’s bid to quickly deploy energy storage in Australia takes the country by


    Tesla’s bid to quickly deploy storage took Australian media and social media by storm and keeps making headlines in the country since last week.

     That is a huge amount to deploy, but now several other companies want their share of the new demand.

    Two local companies, ZEN Energy and Lyon Solar, have now both claimed that they could deliver 100 MWh+ in just 100 days, like Tesla.

    The timing is an important part, which is why they are mainly considering battery storage. There’s an off-river pumped hydro energy storage project underway, but it’s not planned to be ready until 2020 and it’s right now that the country is having blackouts.

    A quick 100 MWh would help prevent power outages during hot days in South Australia and up to 1 GWh would go a long way in stabilizing the grid before next summer.


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  • OzoneTom (858 posts)
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    1. Pretty bold move by Musk

    But with the Hawaii project just completed I would expect that he feels he is on pretty firm ground.

    Pleased to have matching hands and feet.