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    Texas Elected Officials in Violation of Federal Education Public Law


    Seems like Texas State Government Republicans can be traced back to starting an 8.5% quota of providing for special education and related services to students with disabilities/special needs.

    During the Senate hearings, DeVos was completely unaware of the meaning of IDEA and how to serve, protect and provide a FAPE to all children needing special education and related services.  She believed that the States with people like Patrick should do her job.  Pitiful!   IDEA also pays for the evaluation of students with special needs and/or learning difficulties.

    Anyone can make a civil rights complaint, to the US Department of Education, against these state individuals and against the State Education Agency personnel that are supposed to be overseeing a FAPE.  There are several federal public laws that provide the public with civil rights in this matter.  DeVos may find herself in violation too.

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