Texas mother Crystal Mason appeals five-year sentence for illegal voting

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    Judi Lynn
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    By Taylor Barnes, CNN

    Updated 10:33 PM ET, Tue September 10, 2019

    (CNN)A Texas mother sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally in the 2016 election appealed her conviction Tuesday, saying she did not know her status as a felon on release made her ineligible to cast a ballot.

    Crystal Mason, an African-American mother of three, was on supervised release after serving time for tax fraud when she filled out a provisional ballot. She has said she did not know that as a convicted felon in Texas, she could not vote until the supervised release was complete.

    Tuesday’s half-hour hearing before a three-judge panel in Fort Worth focused largely on whether the provisional ballot that Mason cast actually constitutes a vote. A court representative told CNN there is no date set for a decision.

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    Voting rights activists compare Mason’s case to other voter fraud convictions, such as Terri Lynn Rote, an Iowa woman who tried to cast two votes for President Trump, and Russ Casey, a Texas justice of the peace who admitted to turning in fake signatures in order to get on a primary ballot. Those defendants, who are white, received sentences of two and five years’ probation.


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    Those f@#*ers have no problem throwing out provisional ballots 😡

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      Two way street
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      So the state must show proof that the pro’ ballot was counted.  According to the 2002 Help America Vote Act a provisional ballot is also a voter registration form.  Pro’ ballots can either be counted, meaning voting and registering at the same time, or thrown into a box marked, ‘Voter Registration Forms’.  I believe that most states have state law against registering and voting on the same day or same day at the same place, even though federal public law has power to make that decision, over state law.

      I believe that in both Texas and California, pro’ ballots were tossed in the voter registration box if the Presidential Nominee box was checked for Bernie Sanders.  Did Texas violate federal election laws?  this could expand into a big case.

      2020 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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