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      I’ve noticed on a couple posts, text appears on the screen for a split second, then disappears.  Does that happen to anyone else?  What is that, I wonder…

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      Passionate Progressive
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      It happens to me – but it seems to be a feature of the posts that copy to or link to twitter.  I don’t do twitter so I end up ignoring them.  It’s a disappointment because some of the conversations look interesting.

      Here’s the thread where I reported the problem.  Some of the responses may address your experiences.

      Peculiar Problem in Reading Threads

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      I have this problem too.  Just happened again..  Only a link was posted.  I got a glimpse of the link and then….. “POOF”.  WTF????

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      It happens to me too, but usually the text won’t appear at all. I think that on my machine it may have something to do with Twitter posts.

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