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      <p>…..even after mincing up my post to its bare minimum wording and crossing-checking every single word combo that might set off the censor bells, it still refuses to allow my post. I’m too frustrated to post or respond anymore……..That’s it for my patience……these bugs have wound-me-up so tightly and that’s not good for my state…….I’m sure admin is working hard to remedy these bugs………When its fixed, I’ll post again. Not until then.</p>
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      <p>I spent a lot of time yesterday on one post, trying to ordain what the Mighty WordPress in the Sky would allow for content. </p>
      <p>It took me seven tries before the Mighty would allow me to post. </p>

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      leftcoast mountains
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      <p>Yeah wouldn’t embed You Tube just now. I’ve had lots of issues. I think a lot of posters are being lost due to this platform. I don’t come here as often. See you later!</p>

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      People stepping back is a trend.

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      But I do have some issues posting.


      Keep going, mods. I’m gonna be patient.

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      Land of Enchantment
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      and I am sorry for all the problems…

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      Pasting article text as an IMAGE is the only thing that works for me

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I am of the belief (I get this from medical science) that an effective treatment for something that is aimed to improve bears MUCH effort on the part of the practitioners. In this case, you have a template of something that is right up there with security, but has not gotten algorithms in place to avoid posting issues.

      I gave up for about 2 hours the other day, re-posted, and it finally worked (relevant to posting on the mod forum). Until we have the expert who is putting in place all the components of the fix ready to go the next step, this is gonna be a moment in time we will remember not too fondly.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Open up your OP in General Discussion or wherever. Make sure you have a double row of icons at the top of the text box. If not, click on the square box next to the smiley. If you don’t do this, you are effed. Click on the clipboard thingie on the bottom row with the T. You should get a blue box that says something about paste text only.

      Then paste in your OP or article. You can add the link, if any, at the bottom. Then type or paste in your title.  Then hit Submit.

      This works 90% of the time for me. Best I’ve got, and hope it helps.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        I’m going to call you here just so you see this. @ohiobarbarian

        If this is what it is taking for you to post, the trouble may quite literally be in the editor, not the main program. Manny and I thought that the exact opposite was true in the old 2.0 version, and that’s why we switched over to the Gutenberg editor (which didn’t seem to really help a whole lot).

        If you don’t follow this and submit, does the program ‘eat’ your post or just refuse to accept it?

        I really need to know this shit.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      I am in the process of dismantling lots of ‘features’ but it is gonna take a while until I can do that for a number of reasons. However, if I read this correctly the software refused to post, and did not just eat the post. Those are two completely different problems and I would like to know which is what actually happened, did the software refuse to post your OP or did it eat it and you had to start over from the beginning?

      One thing that you can look at immediately is how many links there are pointing to material outside of JPR.

      If there are more than two it may be considering the post as spam. I have raised that number to four.

      In the meantime, if you send me whatever it was that you were trying to post in an PM, I can use it to determine just what the hell is going on and how to fix it. I will post it for you if you like. We don’t censor.

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      Sanders Independent
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      I had one post eaten entirely. It was brilliant by the way , but after it was eaten I just didn’t have the energy to write it again.  Most of the time, it is just refusing to take a post,  but it still shows up to be resubmitted after corrections to edit out cuss words or some links.  I honestly have stopped posting because the last time, I had zero cuss words, not even spaced and no links.  I had been combing through the post for 30 minutes when I just had to give up.


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      There are two things I do without fail  1) log out of the site when leaving for a period of time  2) clear my History before closing my browser. Another is I attempt to open a new tab or window (i.e. right click a hotlink) when reading an off-site article and not leave this site and pop back in. Seems excessive.

      SFFH, one of your postings stated some postings that do not post are supposed to go to an email address to be reviewed by a site monitor. Have you set-up such an email? In the sent email could be the information you are looking for. Just guessing here looking for a solution.

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      Go Vols
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