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  • Judi Lynn (4056 posts)
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    The 11-year-old Brazilian boy teaching his mother to read

    The 11-year-old Brazilian boy teaching his mother to read
    By Renata Moura
    BBC Brasil, Natal
    4 March 2017


    Damiao has taught his mother Sandra to read


    It has only been a year since Sandra Maria de Andrade woke up to the wondrous world of reading.

    One afternoon after work, the rubbish picker from north-eastern Brazil was lying exhausted in a hammock when her youngest son, Damiao Sandriano, invited her to take a look at a book.

    “Mum, would you like to read with me?” he asked. “It’s a story, and it has pictures.”

    At the time, the 42-year old was unable to write her own name.





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  • Marym625 (15063 posts)
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    1. What a beautiful story

    Thank you for sharing this

    948c8f248a Thank you DNC, Hillary Clinton, The Hillary Clinton Players, GOP, RNC and CrossCheck for Trump. Enjoy it while it lasts. The Revolution may not be televised but it's beginning. And we'll win
  • OzoneTom (455 posts)
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    2. He loves her!

    What better could you do than expand their horizons and opportunities.

    Best wishes to them both.

    Pleased to have matching hands and feet.