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  • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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    The Brand New Congress Plan

    * Not sure if this has been posted here before, but thought it could use some coverage:

    Brand New Congress is a campaign to run 400+ non-politician candidates for Congress in 2018 in one unified campaign behind one plan to rebuild the economy, repair our communities and radically reform our institutions. We believe there are obvious solutions to America’s biggest problems that the vast majority of Americans would fight for if they were put on the table in a national election. But we don’t hear about those solutions because the current bi-partisan establishment agrees 100% on bad trade deals, massive bank bailouts, and supporting the take over of our economy by the financial industry. It also agrees on mass incarceration, allowing the ultrawealthy to have undue influence in our politics, and inaction against an out-of-control “justice” system. It uses partisan bickering over taxes and spending to cover up its consensus on those things that really matter and to pretend that Americans are pitted against each other in partisan grid lock.

    What does BNC want?
    1. Good jobs for everyone, prosperity for every community
    The BNC’s plan calls for a mobilization on the scale of World War II – one in which every American is called upon to rebuild and repair our communities and our nation.

    in full: https://brandnewcongress.org/plan


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  • elias39 (3229 posts)
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    1. Tea Party 2.0?

    “Name, no, nothing is nameable, tell, no, nothing can be told, what then, I don't know, I shouldn't have begun.” ― Samuel Beckett, Stories and Texts for Nothing
    • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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      2. That label gives me hives but I am not good at PR stuff. lol

  • Enthusiast (8370 posts)
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    3. I cannot argue with their goals. They recognize the problems.

    "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
    • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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      4. Bernie supporters started it. If we don't network and build now, waiting

      to rely on the GE will hurt us, imo.

      • Enthusiast (8370 posts)
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        7. Right you are!

        "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
      • jwirr (3395 posts)
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        14. Thank you. I have their email earmarked to save so I can start supporting them

        but I was not sure who started it. Both Our Revolution and Brand New Congress have the same goals.

        Anyone else know other new progressive organizations that we can support?

        • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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          15. You can e-mail Brand New Congress with any questions. There are different

          groups throughout the country..I would say if you don’t have a chapter in your area, ask them what is near you? For example, this group is the Northwest Progressive Institute, and to be fair, I don’t have any link that tells us they’re all inter-related but at as you say, the goals are the same.

          I wish I could tell you I know how all of that networking will take place, but at least the foundations are there since the primary ended, so I am hopeful. There are so many groups of good people..this is one of many…not my area but I like their team so I check them out for info from time to time to get a sense of what people are doing across the country. Hope that helps.



          Brand New Congress

          Organize locally
          If you are interested in organizing locally, you can get to work right away by using our local organizing toolkit. All the information and resources you’ll need with be there.

          If you have any questions, reach out to us anytime at us@brandnewcongress.org.





  • Mom Cat (8764 posts)
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    5. My only concern is their decision not to support any third party candidates. At

    least that is what they told us when they had their kickoff meeting here. If anyone knows if this is still their policy, or if they have changed it, I would like to know. I really like the idea, but not if it is going to be a barrier to third parties.

         NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
    • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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      9. Here is some clarity on the subject

      Are you forming a third party?
      No, we’re not forming a third party. America seems to be sick and tired of parties, so we don’t believe the solution is to start by creating a new one. Instead, we’re starting off by running candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries, and then running independents where we lose. There are some similarities and differences between this idea and starting a third party. The big difference is that we are not trying to create a big bureaucracy behind our candidates. It’s just them.

      Are you really talking about running Republicans in conservative congressional districts?
      Yes, we will challenge incumbents in their party primaries, running Republicans in districts where only Republicans can win, and Democrats where only Democrats win. Wherever we lose the primary, we will run an independent for a second chance at winning the seat. But we will work out this strategy on a case by case basis. In some districts we might skip the primary and only run an independent in the general election.

      Brand New Congress is not bi-partisan or non-partisan — we’re “post-partisan.” The two major parties in America have disintegrated into weak, sprawling sets of local and state organizations that don’t know what they stand for. They are still relevant in one important way: they represent vague cultural brands that are important to something like two thirds of American voters—with Democrats representing a “secular liberal” culture for some and Republicans representing a “conservative Christian” culture for others.

      The irony is that the core of liberal and Christian values are the same—at least in their ideals: Both cultures believe that they value human life, equality, freedom, peace, justice and progress. Those are not liberal or conservative values, they are American values. The problem is that each of the two of these cultures believes the other stands for the opposite of those stated values.

      And here’s another thing we believe – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are all angry about the long-term decline of the American economy and are dying to do something about it. The BNC platform is not about passing some regulations or taxes, but about taking action over a limited period of time to hit the reset button on America’s economy. That is something everyone can get behind.

      We also just saw from the election in 2016 that conservatives and liberals alike are are just as fed up with corruption as everyone else and ready to do something about it. Our goal in deep red and deep blue districts is the same – find candidates from among those who have had enough and are ready to fight back. Yes, it’s true that many Republicans have been brainwashed by right wing economics to believe that the only solution is to shrink the government almost out of existence, and this has been backed up by the evidence of our government mismanaging its spending instead of actually addressing the structural decline in the economy. But on the Democratic side, neo-liberal economics has come to essentially the same conclusions as the right wing.

      The fact is that both Republican and Democratic establishments are equally as opposed to taking big steps to fix our economy and right the wrongs of our out of control criminal justice system. And among Republican, Democratic and Independent voters, there is an invisible majority waiting to be united around radical yet practical solutions.

      Also, on a side note, this is who they’re speaking to imo…this mind set within the conservative population, which is encouraging:

      Why Conservatives Are Marching for Campaign Finance Reform
      Republicans talk about their decision to join the Democracy Spring protests in Washington this week.

      By Kathy Kiely | April 15, 2016


  • Fasttense (1399 posts)
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    6. Well you got to do something

    Sitting back and doing nothing didn’t stop W or Trump. All that hope did nothing to make Obama a real liberal that fights for the worker.

    I like the sound of this organization. It’s a start.

    But if it is successful, it wont be the left’ s version of the Alt right Tea Baggers. That would resemble the Communist party or advocating to turn all private property over to state management, or creating a huge government planning committee to control and plan markets and prices. We are so far right, people can’t even comprehend what the Extreme Left really is.

    • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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      8. Absolutely, and the Tea Party was a mess on message and intent, imo.

      This is about a commitment to service for the people, we can’t wait until CU is over turned..there were enough problems before it passed, decades of influence the neo-liberal Democrats supported and another reason we have lost so much political clout. Its a way forward, I hope more people get involved.

      • Koko (3376 posts)
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        10. Thanks…

        I need to know more about the backgrounds of those organizing it and the funding.  From what I could find (without signing up) seems to show a very techie organizing platform…much of which I couldn’t understand, which doesn’t mean much since I’m not techie  …but they were talking about all the resources they use and I couldn’t understand it.  Didn’t know if they are trying to create site like REDDIT where people can interact for input and organizing or they are going to be more like a Tea Party organization with local meetings and such.

        Getting Started or Non Developers
        The website has some fancy, javascript filled pages (like the tour), but a lot of the content on the site is just static content. Instead of using a content management system (like Nationbuilder) or a wiki, these static pages are simple markdown templates that exist right here within this very Github repository. Read more about how you can suggest edits and create new pages in the website.


        • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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          11. Some of them worked for Bernie during the campaign, but the majority

          are Bernie supporters. Hope this helps KoKo, and feel free to e-mail them with any questions.
          Former Bernie Sanders Staffers Seek To Elect A ‘Brand New Congress’
          And they’re going to need help from Republicans.
          04/27/2016 01:26 pm ET | Updated Apr 29, 2016



          • Koko (3376 posts)
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            12. It does look interesting and I found a few more articles

            in addition to yours from Huff Post like this one from the “Nation” that explains more about them.   I remember Joe Bageant’s books like “Deer Hunting With Jesus,” etc.   So, trying to find  common ground with Repubs might seem to be difficult but given Bernie’s almost win and Trump’s success it seems many people are waking up across both aisles to the awareness that our Country is in dire shape and both parties deserve blame. Given that, a clean up is in order to find some common goals that we can begin to share to give the power back to “The People.”  At least working to begin the dialogue.


            Is Brand New Congress the Future of Progressive Politics?

            The goal is audacious: harness the enthusiasm and fund-raising muscle of the Sanders campaign to elect an entirely new Congress committed to the same platform.


            • Jefferson23 (4924 posts)
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              13. They've been around for awhile now. I am surprised, the groups info has not

              been posted here before?

              There is no question, a percentage of voters preferred Trump for his economic agenda and his racist dog whistles too. Yet we know there are voters who took a chance on him primarily for economic reasons and he remains deeply disliked by many people on both sides. That said, this group is not looking to pander to anyone in order for them to join in the fight on the issue of money in politics.

              These people here are an example of what they’re talking about:

              Why Conservatives Are Marching for Campaign Finance Reform
              Republicans talk about their decision to join the Democracy Spring protests in Washington this week.

              By Kathy Kiely | April 15, 2016


  • Two way street (1973 posts)
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    16. Right now we Progressives know that the Pelosi Party has not learned anything

    and wants nothing to change.  Progressive may have to move to or become a third party.   Brand New Congress, staying with the Democratic Party, only, would be something that I could not support, at this time.

    Draft Bernie for a people's party