The Case for Monthly Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: Americans 'Need Consistent Liquidity'

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      “As a result of this horrific pandemic tens of millions of Americans are living in economic desperation not knowing where their next meal or paycheck will come from,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, who introduced the bill on May 8 along with Senators Kamala Harris (CA) and Ed Markey (D-MA). The legislation would provide $2,000 monthly checks to every individual earning less than $120,000 a year in the U.S.

      Under this proposal, married couples who file jointly would get $4,000 per month with an additional $2,000 per child for up to three children. No U.S. resident would be excluded from stimulus payments, including adults with no Social Security numbers. These payments would be in addition to the money already being sent out through the $2 trillion stimulus package passed in March.

      “Individuals and families are going to need consistent liquidity,” said Bradley Hardy, a senior fellow at Brookings Institution, who co-wrote a report making a case for such stimulus payments in March. “There are all sorts of challenges our human services agencies are facing in delivering benefits. Metaphorically, we have to stop the bleeding right now,” he said.

      Now is not the time to let worries about the skyrocketing budget deficit lead to political paralysis in Washington. Inaction has a devastating cost too, says Hardy. “You can pull back once the economy seems to be doing better. You don’t have to be bound by this per say,” he said. “But when you have all the measures suggesting the scale and depth of unemployment right now, I absolutely think that the Harris-Sanders proposal is in the right direction.”

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