The Decade When Republicans Stole the States

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    In September 2010, Jon Stewart, then the popular host of The Daily Show, sat behind his desk and held up a bright yellow poster. On it were scrawled the words: “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.”

    The idea behind the poster was simple. Stewart was arguing that some 70 to 80 percent of Americans were being overruled in the political realm by a small percentage of extremists. This argument was the thesis for what would become the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, an event Stewart co-hosted later that October with fellow Comedy Central star Steven Colbert on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in front of an estimated crowd of 215,000. “This was not a rally to ridicule people of faith, or people of activism, or look down our noses at the heartland, or passionate argument, or to suggest that times are not difficult and that we have nothing to fear,” Stewart proclaimed. “They are, and we do. But we live now in hard times, not end times.”

    Three days after Stewart and Colbert’s rally and their call for a return to normalcy, midterm elections were held across the country. Most headlines and politics-watchers focused on the dramatic Republican gains in the House of Representatives. But the results that would most profoundly shape American politics came not at the national level, but in the state houses and senates, the chambers where state budgets are set and national policies and political movements start their journeys.

    In North Carolina, a four-hour cruise down Interstate 95 from the rally, such a movement exploded into existence. The Democratic Party, which went into the election with a comfortable 68-52 lead in the state House and a 30-20 advantage in the Senate, was demolished. Republicans claimed 15 seats in the House and another 11 in the Senate, giving them complete control of the legislature for the first time in over a century.

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    retired liberal
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    That’s what Election Fraud, voter suppression and unregulated Right-wing propaganda will get you.
    Oh, and don’t forget the Democrats roll in this. They didn’t put up anyone worth voting for.

    We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.

    If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.

    Both major political parties are special interest groups enabling each other for power and money, at the expense of the people they no longer properly serve…

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    I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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    We bailed out banks, let homeowners perish, adopted the right-wing ACA, increased the number of wars, started pushing for TPP, bankers were not persecuted for their fraud, did not fight for public option, did not close Guantanamo, did not end “don’t ask – don’t tell”  all within the first two years of the Obama administration.  I wonder how we lost the midterms is 2010?

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    NV Wino
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    Don’t forget gerrymandering.

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    The Democrats got spanked in the 2010 midterms because they, and Obama, had betrayed their own voters across the board for two years. They deserved to lose, and for the most part they still do.

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    With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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      Totally agree.

      Those midterms were a repudiation of the Democratic bait and switch that had been going on since Carter.


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      It is the game of the big bad Republicans are in charge, we Democrats need more money and now…

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    This will upset a lot of you, but the events of 9/11,

    supported by Bush/Cheney were just designed for it.

    Fear, anger, and xenophobia created just the right

    mix to favor the Repugs.  The general country fell

    for it, and the so-called war on terrorism inflamed

    it further. Propaganda and media manipulation did

    the rest. Mind you, the Dems were clearly a great

    part of it.

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    What happened in 2010 is not really out of place historically. Since WW2, the party out of power tends to make gains in the states during the midterms. It’s a weird quirky thing with our political cycles. When one party tends to gain power at the fed level, the other party gains in the states.

    However, Democratic losses in 2010 (and 2014) were made worse because they didn’t really put much effort into those state races for a long time. For most of the 90s and into the 2000s, the Democratic party concentrated on the federal level with the ultimate goal of gaining a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Ultimately they believed they would dominate federal power due to the changing demographics and therefore didn’t really need the states. That played into the Republican hands because the GOP has geographical advantages and are far more popular outside urban centers. Even though the Democrats gained the House in 2006 and Obama won in 2008 handily, the GOP entrenched themselves in the states and grew their power there. And as others said, Democrats made other mistakes in policy. The ACA was a disappointment to put it nicely. And those two years the Democrats had strong majorities were largely wasted with internal bickering and trying to please special interest groups.

    In 2018, the Democrats after being washed out in 2016 went back to the states because it was only place to go. And that’s why you are starting to see some gains there. Plus once again, 2018 was a midterm and the party out of power tends to gain. 2020 is another crossroads election. But even if the Democrats win, history suggests the GOP will come roaring back in 2022 and retake the House. So Democrats are only going to have two years again to push a progressive agenda and may have to do it with a GOP Senate.

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