The Democratic Party Is Making Early Endorsements in Senate Primaries. Grassroots Activists Aren’t Happy

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      Greenfield’s opponents accused the DSCC of anointing a winner from afar. “We shouldn’t rig elections,” retired Admiral Michael Franken, who is also running against Greenfield, told TIME. “And that’s a tough word—rig—but generally speaking the operatives in Washington, DC, do not have a track history in this state of choosing the most viable candidate.”

      Kimberly Graham, who is also running against Greenfield, said the DSCC’s endorsement came too early. “Why not let the candidates who are going to get in the race get in, give them six months or whatever amount of time, and see what happens, see what they do?” she said in an interview with TIME. “If we really want a democracy then maybe we should back off a little bit and let the Iowa voters decide who is the best person to represent them.”

      Early DSCC endorsements rankled outsiders in other states’ U.S. Senate races this cycle, too. In North Carolina, the DSCC backed army veteran and former state senator Cal Cunningham to take on Republican Sen. Thom Tillis, despite the fact that another Democrat, state Senator Erica Smith, is leading in polls. Smith has been running since January.

      In a statement after the endorsement, Smith dismissed Cunningham an an “heir apparent” and accused the DSCC leadership, who she said she met with directly, of interfering in the democratic process. “Ultimately, the voters of North Carolina will decide who their next United States Senator will be — NOT a handful of DC politicians making back room deals in windowless basements,” Smith wrote.

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      a little weird
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      I’m unhappy too.  The establishment has anointed Amy McGrath as the chosen one to go against Mitch McConnell.  I absolutely think she is the worst choice.  Matt Jones would have had a shot at unseating McConnell – he had been exploring a run against McConnell for a couple of years but ultimately decided against running because of the political machine behind her.  I’m sure it’s intimidating enough to think of going up against a Senator with as much power as McConnell without first having to go against the entire democratic establishment just to get a shot in the primary.   It is a perfect example of how they keep better progressive candidates out of office.

      From the article:

      “She announces and all the Democratic presidential candidates — or most of them — endorse her, all the congressional people endorse her, all the big donors endorse her, and all of a sudden, she has $5.5 million and the theory is, well, that scares everybody else out and now we have our nominee. And that’s how it works. And by the way, that’s how it works in nearly every state,” Jones said on a recent episode of “The Matt Jones Podcast.” “It should be about the citizens picking who they like,” he went on. “Instead, what happens is Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer pick who they like, and there becomes the senators.”

      So prepare for another term for McConnell and I can prepare for several more years of hearing the same people who shoved an uninspiring candidate down our throats scold Kentucky voters for not defeating him.


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      Cuck Schumer and his fellow Turd Wayers are running scared. If Bernie takes the nomination, they know the potential is there for massive “coat tails” going down ballot for the 2020 election. Now any SANE Democrat would think this would be a good thing, but then sanity in Democratic party leadership has been a rarity since 1985 or so. The last thing Schumer wants to see is a bunch of actual Demoncrats elected to the Senate in 2020, and then – led by President Sanders – might have to actually fucking DO something for the American people.  So yeah, they’re going to lock down those Senate races now with a bunch of useless shit candidates like Amy “Hell yeah, I would have voted for Rapey Brett” McGrath. Candidates who won’t make a goddamned bit of difference in the Senate votes whether they win or lose. And they probably will lose…. even if the nominee at the top of the ticket brings a record turn out at the ballot box.

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      Shit like this is the way the Democratic Party does business here in Florida.

      The ballot is a prix fixe menu.  No real choices allowed if at all possible.  Early endorsements are made, the smear machine oozes into gear, progressive challengers are denied access to voter information.  Voting machines are “adjusted” and mail-in ballots magically appear.  Lil’ Debbie does NOT wish her great working relationships with the GOP threatened.  This stuff is perhaps not as out in the open elsewhere.  That’s why I kinda retch when someone invokes the “democracy” word.

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      The Red Menace
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      People need to get it through their heads…

      The Democratic leadership HAS NO INTEREST IN WINNING.

      Everyone involved already has it made. They not only don’t lose anything under GOP rule, the overwhelming majority of them GET RICHER.

      At the same time, the politics of the situation means that if Democrats are forever the minority party, they can milk their voters for money endlessly in a feigned ‘resistance,” never actually DO anything, and still get what they want.

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      Heard the other day that Doug Jones (“D” – Alabama) is already letting it be known that he’s not planning to vote for removing the Orange Asshole from office.

      So it’s official. Doug Jones does NOT molest 14 year old girls at the local mall. Other than that, there are no differences between him and Roy Moore.

      This is what happens when you let the Turd Way pick your Senate candidates.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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