The Devil's "Open Letter" to David "Principal Skinner" Allen & his partners at SV

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      Hi Dave. Satan here. Or perhaps you might remember me as BL_Zebub from the 2004 campaign season.

      You remember 2004, right?

      That was the year when Howard Dean got completely robbed in the Iowa caucus, and then the New Hampshire resulted in a Diebold electro-frauded mess.

      Yet after those two contests, you declared John Kerry “the presumptive nominee” and banished anybody who dared to criticize him from your board. I remember this well, as I was one of the fallen… for the second time in my very long and unholy life.

      So, following your old example, Dave… you need to clean up on Aisle 666 – your primary forum. Because, by your own 2004 standards, we now have a presumptive nominee, and his name is Bernie Sanders. And you have a shit load of mortals on your board who are saying things about him that violate DU’s “every day” rules. Let alone the rules of actively opposing a Demoncratic nominee.

      Worse yet, most of them are also openly advocating the election of a billionaire Republican racist. No, not the Orange one. The OTHER asshole from New York. The one who actually HAS billions in the bank… and is spending a few of them on endless TV ads.

      So be consistent here, Mr. Allen. Enforce your own rules. And purge the haters of the current nominee, just like you did in 2004 & 2016. And I’ll throw in central A/C when you get here.

      Yours most unholy,


      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      The Red Menace
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      are you?

      When the going gets tough, the tough help each other.

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      Bernie 4 2020
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      I go over there occasionally to catch up on how ignorant people really can be. They’re right up there with Chump supporters.

      I have no idea who Donkees is, but he is in the Bernie tent with a few others. I do believe Donkees got a post locked today just for announcing Bernie’s win. Not one reply was let thru. The site is a cess pool for ignorant establishment voters.

      F em ALL.  I wish the Bernie supporters would come over here where they would be loved.

      And don’t even get me started on Nurse Jackie.

      I will be a Bernie supporter FOREVER. This whole thing with Bernie and his people oriented policies were meant to be introduced in this day and age!! Many have tried and failed in the past. Succeeding was almost impossible. It's kind of a gimme in today's corrupt 2 party system that you have to work within. Just look how things have changed in the past 8 years from Bernie's policies. It was meant to be. Wait it out. Change will come. Thank you Bernie for all you've done. You are a truly amazing person.

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        the few Bernie supporters, like Donkees, can stand to participate on the board that features Nurse Jackie, Idiot Douchewater, and that fuckstain that says “mahalo” all the time, to name just a few…

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      I was banned (tierra y libertad was my monicker) in 2016 because I said mean things about Hillary and refused to swear allegiance to her.  I was actually surprised how long it took them to give me the boot.

      I’ve never even bothered to peek over there since.

      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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        They booted me in an odd way because I got wise and avoided getting into things so that I could hang on as long as I could to read what the hell was going on with their twisted brains. Someone started hounding me on another Forum over there and the aggression was exactly the same tactics that they had used against anything supportive said about Bernie. I left when I was  contacted to join early here.

        Tried to go back to log in and they had shit canned….pffft* Do not care.

        BTW…am surprised this post is okay since I thought we were not to speak of them. Still enjoying it though. Well done @satan.

        Animals know more than we do.

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      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

      Warning DO NOT CLICK HERE!
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      Red Cloud
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      Seems like they wanted lock step conformity and for noticing a few oddballs, such as obvious Freepers, I got banned too. It is amazing how that site shrank after the 2016 I’m gonna get you sucka revenge purge. Even the lounge is dead.

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      I think all they do is place your account on review status. Forever. That way they can claim you as a member when they state their circulation numbers to their advertisers. I imagine they’re inflating their membership numbers bigly by including all the accounts on perpetual “review.” I wonder if anyone could sue them? One of the advertisers certainly could, for misrepresenting the number of people who participate.

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        I remember someone who I suspected was a right wing troll but he identified Gabbard as his candidate of choice and was banned shortly after posting an applause emoji when Gabbard voted present. I personally would have banned the poster years ago but was surprised that post out of all of them got the ban hammer.

        Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

        Like many public systems, GOP want to rip the battery out + say the whole car doesn’t work, so they can sell it for parts - AOC

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      they’ll probably change the name to “Trump Underground” and start supporting Trump.  Or maybe it will cease to exist.  Either way, fuck em…

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      Count on the mandate coming down there to support Bloomberg or else.

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      All I did was comment that nominating “The Democrat” (Hillary) didn’t work so well.  That was “bashing” democrats.  But those “rules” are really meant to funnel people into a very specific mode of thinking which just happens to favor established candidates and discourages any real debate or thought.  Policy discussions a limited, and outrage has been weaponized.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Specifically, those covering no hate speech, which in its entirety say…

      @satan @spirochete

      No hate speech, links to hate sites or material copied from hate sites.
      This includes any discussion of a member of a hate site by user name, and/or the copy, screen print or other material from a hate site.

      So, please go back to your posts and remove any discussion of a member by their name, including that member’s user name, or I’ll need to stop it myself, which is always my last resort, especially with the subject matter, cause SV isn’t worth the powder to self implode itself.

      Thank you… 😐

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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