The DNC may not let Bernie run under the Dem Party

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      Bull Moose anyone?  The DNC is considering rule changes now.

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      Because as a long-serving politician, he gets that first past the post always gives you two parties, with some few local exceptions.

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      bernie will be cheated anyway.fix is already in for biden.bernie should run a sindependnet or under green or new party ticket.

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      Bernie run as a Dem in 2016, so what is different?

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      Snort McDork
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      …came out of that meeting. I’m sure Bernie is aware of this as he just had a meeting with Jeff Weaver and I’m sure the 3rd party thing came up in those talks.

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      I doubt there will be sincere outreach to progressives, because the DNC is the Third Way DNC, and that’s that; anything along those lines would be lying and pandering.  It always made me  think WTF when some said oh, they should have been nicer to progressives because they really did need our votes – newsflash!  The DNC cannot be nicer to progressives, in reality.   Their donors will not allow that.  Period.

      Also a huge WTF to think that, given Hillary’s actual RECORD, some said Hillary should have reached out, or whatever the fork.  Really?  Some nice pandering from Hillary would have gotten your vote???

      Right now, my plan is to vote for Bernie – no matter how he runs.  And even if he does not run.

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      If they suddenly decided running a progressive for president would allow them to secure a filibuster proof majority in both houses of Congress, they would nominate Bernie and work their asses off for him. But they would do the same thing for a right wing Democrat, and that’s a more likely situation.

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