The DNC’s “Voting-Results Suppression” on Platform

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      On Saturday (Aug. 22), in an email to delegates, Democratic National Convention secretary Jason Rae announced: “The 2020 Democratic Party Platform was adopted with 3,562 delegates voting to approve, 1,069 voting no, and 87 abstentions.”

      Progressive leaders pointed to the large number of “no” votes, despite pressure from Joe Biden’s campaign, as indicative of the popularity of Medicare for All. This year, one nationwide poll after another, as well as primary election exit polling, have shown that Medicare for All has majority support among voters.

      Judith Whitmer was the chair of the national convention’s Nevada delegation, which led the nationwide pledge campaign for a “no” vote on the platform. She said Sunday: “At the Democratic National Convention this week, 1,069 DNC Delegates voted to reject a Democratic Party platform that excluded Medicare For All. During a pandemic, as millions of people lost their jobs and their healthcare at the same time, our private, for-profit insurance system failed to meet the needs of patients, front-line healthcare workers and the people of this country. As one of the 1,069 delegates who rejected the platform, I chose to recognize the suffering caused by our broken healthcare system and vote my conscience. Delegates representing every state, commonwealth and territory of this nation cast their ballots, but then had their votes deliberately suppressed in order to protect a party narrative that refuses to acknowledge that the majority of Americans desperately need and want Medicare for All. By excluding the final vote tally in the platform committee report submitted to the convention, the DNC committed a travesty against 1,069 delegates who had their voices silenced and a grave injustice against the American people.”

      Whitmer added: “On the closing night of the convention, our presidential nominee promised to be an ‘ally of the light.’ To fulfill that promise, the Democratic Party must also be an ‘ally of the people’ and stand with us in the fight for healthcare justice. Medicare for All should be the rallying cry of a Democratic Party united in the fight to protect and uphold healthcare as a human right guaranteed to all people.”

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      supporting anything at all that might cause its owners to lose a penny or a minute of sleep.  Best to view everything through that lens.

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      Tell me again why I should support this pack of corrupt corporatists.

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