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      A feel-good story that unfortunately I can’t post; man takes it upon himself to ride to small villages with donkeys carrying books so the kids can have some; he lost a leg and has a prosthetic but still does it..there are actually other interesting unconventional library stories at the same links, see below e.g.


      In the Philippines, a man opens a free library with no rules — kids whose families have no money come in to read, take books, cut pictures from magazines — he has so many donations that he’s giving books to another man who has a project of a free school…


      And this one, about an Italian retired teacher who travels around the province of Basilicata (beautiful/different scenery) in a three-wheeled mobile library bringing books to kids in villages — a little bit of politics in there too.


      I love libraries; Kindle and the like are not the same (and not ours in the same way either)

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