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      The discussion about the system of petrol dollar, all that has been incurred from its genesis… how we fix… IS Bitcoin the fix? I think this episode of Orange Pill really drills down the the conversation I’d like to have locally…

      • Max and Stacy discuss –
      • The price is wrong
      • The incentives are wrong
      • Opies are to the hyperinflation as the Okies were to the Great Depression
      • There’s been a New Deal for Wall Street for the past few decades
      • The black blizzard of money
      • The bad agricultural practices are the bad financial practices of today, over harvesting the same underlying collateral
      • The price is always right in a free market
      • The price is always wrong in a rigged market
      • They are joined by Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation to discuss –
      • The petrodollar
      • The Triffin Dilemma
      • How Bitcoin fixes both

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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