'The Free Market Is Working,' Declares For-Profit Health Industry Front Group. No, Say Medicare for All Advocates, 'It Is Not.'

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      While the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic have only intensified calls to do away with the costly and deadly for-profit health insurance industry in the United States, the corporate-backed Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, an industry lobby group formed in 2018 to combat Medicare for All, wants people to believe that the so-called “free market” is doing just fine to take care of people’s needs amid the outbreak.

      After the lobby group shared such a message on social media Sunday, however, Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP), a membership organization made up of medical school students and which advocates for Medicare for All, took issue and responded.

      As part of it’s industry-backed PR push, the lobby group—also know by its acronym P4AHCF—claimed that it public-private partnerships and innovative programs are filling “the gaps Medicare and Medicaid can’t.”

      On Monday, P4AHCF declared in a separate tweet that its “members are #WorkingTogether to strengthen the employer-provided coverage more than 180 million Americans rely on.” That message arrived on the heels of a new analysis published last week that showed an estimated 43 million Americans could lose their employer-provided health insurance this year as the economic downturn triggered by Covid-19 has skyrocketed unemployment to levels not seen since the Great Depression.

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      The answer to that question all depends on what the goals of the medical industry are. Obviously those who say it is working have one goal only – profit. Medicare for All has another goal – universal healthcare that the country can afford.


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