The Ghost of the Trump Administration Is Haunting Medicare

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      Nonetheless, the Trump administration has outsourced Medicare to insurance companies and other for-profit middlemen, placing them between Americans and their doctors. The experiment could assign millions of people who elected traditional Medicare to a corporate health plan that works like Medicare Advantage, the Medicare private health insurance choice, with fewer consumer protections.

      In so doing, this Trump experiment denies people their right to choose traditional Medicare. It can force them into a for-profit health insurance structure without asking them.

      Odds are that most Americans placed into this experiment will have no clear understanding of how their coverage works, at least until the first time they are denied coverage for their care or they are directed to use a doctor or hospital they haven’t chosen.

      In theory, the victims of this experiment could use out-of-network doctors and hospitals. But, it’s not clear whether they would know they have this option or how easy it would be for them to see the doctors they want to see. The experiment offers companies a powerful financial incentive to keep people entirely inside restricted networks and to make it unappealing for physicians to provide out-of-network care. The experiment allows insurers to retrospectively deny payment to out-of-network physicians for care they provide.

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      Oh shit.  Is there nothing that asshole hasn’t fucked up?

      I chose regular old fashioned medicare for a reason, you corrupt piece of shit.

      May you suffer as you’ve caused others to suffer and die.

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      A new paper in Health Affairs by Paul Jacobs looks at the impact of Medicare on access to affordable care. It finds that enrolling in Medicare–be it traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage–improves access and affordability of care for people turning 65. It further finds that expanding Medicare to people under 65, as President Biden and others have proposed, is likely to provide better access to affordable care than their private insurance options.

      However common dreams is a known fake news site.

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