The good people who will give internet to Cuba

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      However, as Brooks states, experts in foreign policy and bilateral relations “have confirmed that the case of Cuba is unique, in which Washington, under both parties, consults with the diaspora of a country within the United States to elaborate policy towards that nation”.

      The Internet is even stranger. Washington accuses the Cuban government of being the enemy of the Internet, but blocks applications commonly used anywhere on the planet. It promises a new infrastructure with stratospheric balloons and other surrealistic variants, but these days it has subjected Cuba to every possible variant of network information warfare and direct cyberwarfare.

      Cuban users have seen an unprecedented increase in the deployment of fake news, photos and videos from junk sites in Florida, which are even replicated by transnational media companies. Videos from July 11 have been repeated ad infinitum as if they were new, a deceptive tactic to give the impression that the protests have continued until today, although the country is in total calm. The use of electronic gateways (VPN) is encouraged to circumvent the national public network and, in particular, the use of Psiphon, a technology developed and financed by the United States Agency for Global Media, Washington’s propaganda agency, is advertised.

      Cuban media and institutional websites have received hundreds of denial of service attacks from U.S. soil, where, in addition, domain names have been registered with rude words that redirect to pages of the national network. And if that were not enough, we live under the harassment of cybertroops organized from Miami that use troll farms and robots to generate on Twitter and Facebook the perception of chaos in Cuba and insult and even threaten to kill the main leaders, journalists, artists and other public figures, as well as ordinary citizens who dare to criticize the riots, to call for common sense against the alleged military intervention or simply do not express explicit rejection of the Cuban government or join the fascism with lies, trash and gossip that floods the networks.

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