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      Just got notice that, due to my new income from SSI, my food stamps will be cut by approximately 103 dollars.  So, to 87 from 190.  Now, for me, that wont kill me.  Itll hurt some – I’ll have to be a lot more selective about what I can and can eat…

      I really hope though, that this is specific to me and has nothing to do with the shutdown.  I’ll make it, I have others who will stand by me… but parents trying to survive with their kids on meager pay (or no pay) and less than 2 dollars, per person, per meal.. (I believe the last estimate put it at 1.70 or so, or less)…

      Cutting, or eliminating their benefits, well, it’s not going to lead to anything good.  One of the reasons why the states need to step in.  Now.  For them.  Assuming this federal shutdown allocates no further funding for food stamps (February is supposedly funded, but March…) well, things will get ugly.

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      It is going to hurt many people. Your amount had a chunk taken out to be sure.

      Animals know more than we do.

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