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      Scott Crowder
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      Just kidding!

      Actually have his music theory book. It’s good, very good.

      Beato does teach music theory on his channel, it is a bit of a bore if you are not into the nuts and bolts of music.

      But it is difficult to put together his book with his on-line vids.

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      NV Wino
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      But holy shit! That was genius!

      Thanks for posting.

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      Nuff Said there.

      There is this old saying that goes something like: “I might not know art when I see or hear it but I darn well know what it is that I like”.

      I love these music reaction videos because I can come to appreciate that which I would normally not understand.

      It is through such videos that I have come to love some incredible art-art that without such help I might have dismissed.

      Thank you for posting this, Segami

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        It was like watching Oscar Peterson’s hands operating within their own independent brain hemispheres………anyone that has tried rubbing circles over their belly with the other hand simultaneously tapping the top of their head up and down will understand, only multiplied by 1000 squared……Maestro is correct!……truly a blessed musical savant.

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