The Green New Deal Is a Great Deal for the Outdoors

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      Looks like the outdoor industry may get behind the Green New Deal due to concerns over climate change on their bottom line……


      The initiative, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is ambitious, but some in the outdoor industry argue it’s the only hope for saving wild places from climate change

      By Cameron Fenton  – January 9 2019

      When 27-year-old climate activist Evan Weber thinks about climate change, he thinks about his childhood in Hawaii. He spent those years in the mountains, on beaches, and in the ocean. “Now the beaches that I grew up on don’t exist anymore,” he says. “Sea-level rise has swallowed them into the ocean. The mountains are green for much less of the year. The coral reefs are dying from ocean acidification killing both marine life and surf breaks.”

      That’s what brought him, on November 13, to march on soon-to-be House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Hill office with around 150 other activists from a progressive group he cofounded called Sunrise Movement. They were demonstrating for a sweeping policy plan championed by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the Green New Deal. It is pitched as an economy-wide climate mobilization to connect environmental, social, and economic policies through legislation and would create everything from investment in federal green jobs for all who want them to a massive green-infrastructure program. The end result would be an overhauled national economy run on 100 percent renewable energy.

      While these are lofty goals, and many are skeptical of the plan’s feasibility, advocates see it as setting the bar for a sufficient response to climate change that politicians can be held to. And the proposal is already gaining steam in Washington, D.C., as a platform to rally around heading into 2020: more than 40 lawmakers have endorsed Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a congressional select committee to map out the Green New Deal. Many in the outdoor industry are also paying attention to what could be the best hope to save our ski seasons and protect our public lands.


      Amy Roberts, executive director of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), also sees the opportunity to link this kind of large-scale climate action with the outdoor economy, especially when it comes to public lands. An economy powered on 100 percent renewables would obviously erase any incentive for fossil-fuel companies to drill in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Bears Ears National Monument. But the OIA is still watching to see how the politics around the Green New Deal shape up. The early support from lawmakers is encouraging, but they’re mostly Democrats. Roberts insists that policies to protect the climate and public lands need bipartisan support, but she thinks that the outdoor industry can help make that happen. “When you look at who takes part in our activities, whether it’s hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing, there are both Republicans and Democrats,” she says. “That’s an opportunity to unite and bring a compelling message that’s separate and apart from what the environmental community is doing.”

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      progressive caucus support with Taxcuts for the rich excluded from the bill was specifically designed for the Green New Deal!. I donot see even a Brown new deal by the most corrupt party in the US history let alone M4All. Anything even remotely progressive would only happen when Nancy, chucks and steny quit at their own will

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        to even get the ball rolling.

        But giving up really isn’t an option considering the importance of making sure the world is kept healthy enough to sustain life as we know it.

        Still if business groups like the outdoor industry gets behind it because of direct fiscal concerns maybe it can start happen sooner.

        As cynical as it may be the more this issue becomes a concern of business interests the better it’s chances of getting acted on. There are many business sectors that will be significantly hurt by climate change and as reality sets in they will want to protect their profits. The oil & gas industry may be powerful but it’s not the only game in town….

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      Like Donors dying, that could do it!

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      (admittedly not a big, rich one) that will support a progressive policy.

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