The Iowa Poll Everyone's Been Waiting For – NEW Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom IOWA Poll

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    The Iowa Poll Everyone’s Been Waiting For – NEW Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom IOWA Poll




    Sanders: 20% (+5)

    Warren: 17% (+1)

    Buttigieg: 16% (-9)

    Biden: 15% (-)

    Klobuchar: 6% (-)

    Yang: 5% (+2)

    Booker: 3% (-)

    Steyer: 2% (-1)

    Gabbard: 2% (-1)

    Bloomberg: 1% (-1)

    Not sure: 11% (+6)

    No other candidate polled above 0%.



    On edit: changed tweet to Des Moines Register tweet



    Bernie Sanders Leads New Iowa Poll


    DES MOINES — Bernie Sanders edged ahead of his Democratic rivals in Iowa, affirming his resurgence less than four weeks before next month’s caucuses, according to a new poll from The Des Moines Register and CNN.

    The poll showed that Mr. Sanders was the first choice for 20 percent of would-be caucusgoers, a five percent increase from November, when the Register last polled the state. He was followed closely by Elizabeth Warren at 17 percent, Pete Buttigieg at 16 percent and Joseph R. Biden Jr. at 15.

    The results are the latest sign that Mr. Sanders — lifted by his loyal supporters and an unchanging message — has strong campaign momentum heading into the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses and has rebounded politically after having a heart attack in October. The poll was less kind to Mr. Buttigieg, who held a dominant lead in the last Register poll, with 25 percent support. That poll showed Ms. Warren at 16 percent and Mr. Biden at 15 percent.






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    Up for grabs. Good. Might be an interesting primary, and not just because Bernie could do well. The fluctuating poll numbers indicate Democrats are not going along with the party anointment procedure. Iowa could upset the Biden plan for South Carolina and the black voter firewall thing.

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    If Pete Butticheese lost 9 points in one month (from 25% to 16%), does that mean he will be down to 7% by the Iowa Caucas time. Mark Zuckerberg’s advisors don’t appear to be worth the $25M donation.


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    Looking good!

    Bernie has said, quite awhile ago, that he had MORE committed caucus goers than he had in 2016. In 2016, he “lost” (the hell he did) by only .1% .  So, unless there are thousands upon thousands more caucus goers, I don’t see how Bernie loses. He has more COMMITTED voters than in 2016 and everyone else splits the rest of what would be all the people who voted for Hillary who “won” by only .1%…by the skin of her teeth. Must have been those coin flips or was it the lack of precinct captains that didn’t show up?

    Slam dunk for Bernie. IMCPO.

    Blood bath victory.

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    i bet cnn hted having to report will be funny not only if bernie wins but biden come sin 4th and possable he could fll below 15% thresold to be viable.pete is dropping like crazy.

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      CNN headline – “Tight Four Way Race” in New Iowa Poll.

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    Big smile

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    I just had to look at SV. This is being greeted with what appears to be stunned silence. Guess the VD enforcers haven’t gotten their marching orders yet.

    Wall Street Pete is a fake, and it shows. Recent events in Iran contrast the vast difference between Biden and Bernie on war and peace. Plus, there’s a real political movement going on. Let the real establishment panic begin. Even Trump feels it.

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    Mayor Pete fell a lot. Perhaps it was the last debate – being called out for his wine cave and his 39 billionaires.

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    In the 2016 race, as I recall, Sanders did best in locations where rigging was hardest, including caucus states.

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    Time for another donation!

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    Polls are intentionally skewed to help Oligarchy until they can be comparatively evaluated relative to the actual vote. In other words, the further away the vote is, the more lying they can get away with.

    The polls show a shift to Sanders only because the pollsters have to demonstrate an acceptable level of accuracy to maintain credibility.

    They will lie to us repeatedly, trying to discourage enthusiasm and turnout, in a futile attempt to reinforce their “electability” fairy tale, until forced to fall within an acceptable margin of error as actual voting draws near.

    No doubt that Sanders will pick up momentum proportional to the relative diminishing time from election day.

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    President Bernie….yeah, has a nice ring about it.

    Is it too early for me to go back  to SV and demand an oath of allegiance for the good Senator? Should I expect their support for all real Progressives* running for Congress in order to help President Bernie?

    *(attn SV lurkers: Hillary was not a Progressive. Hillary was a corporatist and a warhawk. You know, sorta like Mussolini. Both loved their corporations and both loved their wars. President Bernie otoh will be against both, wants to throw in free education and Medicare for All! Except for the silly crap the media will make up against President Bernie, what’s not to like?)

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    Biden is done. Expect his wife to be offended.

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