The last 2020 electoral maps: What if Bernie had been the nominee?

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      The first map is the worst-case scenario that I can see for Bernie Sanders had he been the Democratic Party nominee. There are two states I know he would have won for sure that Biden didn’t, Ohio and Iowa, and they’re enough:

      Personally, I think he would have done better. Even in this best-case scenario, I’m assuming there were enough Cuban and South American Fascists in Florida to swing it for Trump, but if the primaries and polls are any indication Bernie would have done much better with other Latino groups:

      Would the Dems have done better in the House and Senate? Probably a little, since there would have been an even higher turnout, but they still might have easily lost seats in the House because of their shitty Vichy Dem corporatist and CIA candidates. We will never know. Just thought I’d show you what could-have-been.


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      The 2020 result reverted to form. The same candidate won both the Electoral College and U.S. Popular Vote. It was a Democratic pickup. The party, as it has in every election in which it prevailed since 1960 (with exception of 1992), carried +21 or +22 states in excess of their percentage-points margin in the U.S. Popular Vote. (Since 1992, winning Democrats have averaged +12 electoral votes per carried state. For winning Republicans, it is +9.)  Looks like +4. Carriage of 25 states. Those which did not carry and came in for the 2020 Democrats between Nos. 26 to 30 (meaning, had they won the U.S. Popular Vote by up to +8 or +9) were: North Carolina; Florida; Texas; Ohio; and Iowa. (I have not checked on the margin in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District for where it ranked. But it is likely it came in before Nos. 31 and 32 Alaska and South Carolina.)

      Bernie Sanders would have won with a higher popular-vote margin and a greater number of carried states. That also bares more fruit with a higher electoral-vote score. (Those listed in the previous paragraph, ranked between Nos. 26 to 30, deliver cumulative electoral votes of 321, 350, 388, 406, 412, and 413.)

      The Democrats are thoroughly corrupt and unworthy of support. (I have rejected them since 2016 and may be on a trajectory to never again vote for that party in general elections.) People on this site have referred to that other site, from which many of its devoted sycophantic party members took off their masks in 2016 (and have kept them off, being even more revealing of themselves, ever since). Team Blue cheerleaders don’t give a shit about the nation and its people. So, when the bar is that low for them (how appropriate a winning Joe Biden has the lowest states count and electoral-vote score for the party winning the presidency since 1976 Jimmy Carter!), they couldn’t care less about policies and/or singling out the best candidate for such policies.

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      Bernie would have won voters like you and others. The “moderates” would have voted for Sanders with Trump handling of the pandemic and definitely those that are anti Trump. Sanders also would have turned out young & latino/Hispanic voters. His base during the primaries.

      I do think Florida probably would have been a lost cause with Sanders but he polled well in the Midwest.

      The wild card would be the corporate media but if Sanders were the nominee they would be forced to cover his life story like PBS The Choice they do every 4 years.

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