The Left Victories That Defined 2018 – and Give Us Hope for the New Year

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      –Progressive Primary Wave
      –Medicare for All and a Green New Deal Gain Overwhelming Support
      –Taking Back the House
      –Youth Activism
      –Red-state Teachers’ Strikes
      –Graduate Student Union Organizing
      –Stopping Keystone XL
      –Backlash to Yemen War
      –Draining Trump’s Swamp
      –Radicalizing Silicon Valley

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      but sadly facts point elsewhere

      –Progressive Primary Wave~only 1 significat victory AOC
      –Medicare for All and a Green New Deal Gain Overwhelming Support~Really?
      –Taking Back the House~most corpodems got elected
      –Youth Activism~how long will they be fooled?
      –Red-state Teachers’ Strikes~They are still Red!
      –Graduate Student Union Organizing~shipping jobs continues unabated
      –Stopping Keystone XL~did we really or was it weak oil
      –Backlash to Yemen War~where?
      –Draining Trump’s Swamp~the swamp has been even during the times of Obombo
      –Radicalizing Silicon Valley~what difference did it make?

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      Who knows?   Maybe the Dems will get the nerve to actually impeach the Boy.

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      essential to defeating the MIC and its spinoffs. The teachers’ strikes were important wherever they occurred, not just in red states, for they show more and more people have just had enough of getting screwed.

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      at the bottom of the ocean…






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