The 'Liberal' Foreign Policy Establishment's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

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      If anyone else were president, the “liberals” would be celebrating. After all, pulling American soldiers out of a couple of failing, endless wars seems like a “win” for progressives. Heck, if Obama did it there might be a ticker-tape parade down Broadway. And there should be. The intervention in Syria is increasingly aimless, dangerous and lacks an end state. Afghanistan is an unwinnable war – America’s longest – and about to end in outright military defeat. Getting out now and salvaging so much national blood and treasure ought to be a progressive dream. There’s only one problem: Donald Trump. Specifically, that it was Trump who gave the order to begin the troop withdrawals.

      Lost in the haze of their pathological hatred of President Trump, the majority of mainstream liberal pundits and politicians can’t, for the life of them, see the good sense in extracting the troops from a couple Mideast quagmires. That or they can see the positives, but, in their obsessive compulsion to smear the president, choose politics over country. It’s probably a bit of both. That’s how tribally partisan American political discourse has become. And, how reflexively hawkish and interventionist today’s mainstream Democrats now are. Whither the left-wing antiwar movement? Well, except for a few diehards out there, the movement seems to have been buried long ago with George McGovern.

      Make no mistake, the Democrats have been tacking to the right on foreign policy and burgeoning their tough-guy-interventionist credentials for decades now. Terrified of being painted as soft or dovish on martial matters, just about all the “serious” baby-boomer Dems proudly co-opted the militarist line and gladly accepted campaign cash from the corporate arms dealers. Think about it, any Democrat with serious future presidential aspirations back in 2002 voted for the Iraq War – Hillary, Joe Biden, even former peace activist John Kerry! And, in spite of the party base now moving to the left, all these big name hawks – along with current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – are still Democratic stalwarts. Heck, some polls list Biden as the party’s 2020 presidential frontrunner.



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      Perhaps if his policy decisions were not made haphazardly based on a conversation with an authoritarian leader or on evidence-free pandering to his base, we might give him more credit when he stumbles upon an actual progressive policy (only to reverse it later perhaps).

      A President Sanders would have had troops out of Syria long before now and would not have based his decision on a conversation with a Turkish authoritarian then announced it without coordinating things with long time allies.

      When you think you have no choice but to start a war, think again. Wars promise to be quick, clean and decisive. Wars lie. They cause more problems than they solve, they just won't tell you that beforehand.

      "If we are to have peace on earth, ... our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective."

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      LIEbrals claim to support moslem immigration as refugees and they also support making them refugees. Trump’s moslem ban came from the Obama regime. Obama the first drone war criminal destroyed so many moslem countries that If that is not genocide/islamophobia I donot wnow what is~

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      Perhaps if his policy decisions were not made haphazardly based on a conversation with an authoritarian leader or on evidence-free pandering to his base, we might give him more credit when he stumbles upon an actual progressive policy (only to reverse it later perhaps).

      I am continually confused with descriptions of Putin as an “authoritarian” leader.  Russian elections are as (in)valid as our own, so Putin is not a “dictator” as so many claim.

      If Putin is “authoritarian”, then Obama was every bit as much so.  Claiming the authority to execute enemies of the state unilaterally, without judicial oversight or due process of law, is the absolute pinnacle of authoritarianism.

      I think it would behoove all of us to dial back on the pejoratives used to refer to Putin.

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      of bombs! If Trump makes it 2 more years, he will be the first POTUS in MY LIFETIME that has not started a war somewhere on the globe. THAT will be a big accomplishment, imo.


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        He is up-setting the apple cart.  Watch how the parties flip flop on past policy goals once trump advocates for the same policy.

        Trump so far – No new wars, even talking about getting out of the present “wars.”  Next thing you know they will be giving him a parade with a free ride in a convertible in Dallas.

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        I think the “authoritarian” referred to was Erdogan, not Putin.

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      in their budgets; part of this will be used to buy those approving

      members in Congress, who will just do the same thing

      over and over again to keep their seats. War is also

      very useful to the MSM as money makers. And most

      of our citizens don’t give a hoot about wars in countries

      which they could not even find on the maps.

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