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      And give you a sugar with no calories and that won’t decay your teeth. As a result of his work, you will be able to drive your car without emitting fossil fuel pollution. You’ll just go to your regular gas station and get “gas” like you always have.

      Can’t believe this wasn’t posted here. Sunday’s remarkable Sixty Minutes show included two other important segments, but this may be the most important one of all.

      I’m going on memory here, but trust me, you will want to see this segment, so Google “The unlikely, eccentric inventor turning inedible plant life into fuel” and it should turn up that particular clip.

      The man’s name is Marshall Medoff and this is not just pie in the sky stuff. It is already operational. In fact, in the clip you will see him riding in a vehicle driven by Leslie Stahl. The vehicle is powered with fuel that has resulted from his invention. A lot of important scientists from prestigious institutes are on board with him, as you will see in the clip.

      What he has done is figure a way to release the sugars in plant material. The story of how he did it is phenomenal, and one you will enjoy watching. It’s kind of like “eccentric genius goes off into the woods to save humanity…” and maybe he will.

      Yeah, we will have our cynics on this thread saying the oil companies will stomp him out, so go ahead, get that over with. As for me, I am feeling hope for the first time. For a long time I have accepted that this is a dying “civilization.” I did not think there was any way out of this, and maybe there isn’t, but this is a possibility for containing the trajectory we’re on.

      If you are depressed by current world events, please watch this clip.

      I’m not posting the link in the OP because my posts always disappear. I’ve pretty much quit posting for the time being. I’ll trying posting the link on a reply to myself.

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      Essentially the guy determined that firing electron beans at decayed matter (a pile of leaves raked up in your yard) released the sugars trapped in the membranes of matter. And therefore produced energy. Wow! There are plenty of leaves in the unraked woods of California. I’m sure most remember that implication from our moron-in-chief. Well, guess what? I think that in a way, that’s what forest fires do – liberate the potential energy of decaying matter.

      The guy was kind of strange and so ‘ordinary’ that I had a hard time giving credence to what he proposes. But I’m no more a scientist that he is. If there’s money to be made on this process, you can be sure some big energy company will gobble the technique (and gobble the inventor) in short order. I hope he has some patent protection at the very least.



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      And, the question (that doesn’t surprise me a bit) is why isn’t THIS a HUGE story everywhere?


      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      The report clearly says that the net contribution is a 1/3 increase to current energy production.  The report also clearly says that none of these discoveries will displace current fossil fuel energy use.  The report is also vague on total CO2 generation for the process – beginning to end.  And most importantly, would an industrial scale process be net energy positive, neutral or negative?

      So, what we have is a potentially useful new energy generation process that can augment our decline and destiny toward a zero carbon future.  However, this will not be a salvation for current Western industrial society.  Why then, one may ask, are the capitalists seen at the end so enthused?  Simple, they all understand that as global resources dwindle, anything that can keep BAU humming along a little longer is a good thing for their bank accounts.

      Based on what was reported, a useful new process but much less than required to keep our current world running with no lifestyle changes.


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      Are you clicking on the paperclip icon (Insert/edit Link) and “accept”?



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      as long he stays away from meddling in the profits of the Clinton Foundation. Lets just hope he is really the hype he portrays

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