The media has mostly not taken the bait on dubious Biden claims – with some Australia-linked exceptions

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      The chain of custody was one of the issues. The data supposedly came from a computer, dropped off by an unidentified person, who was presumed but not positively determined to be Hunter Biden by the owner of a computer store in Delaware.

      That man’s story of how he retrieved the data from the machine and how he came to give it to the authorities and Rudy Giuliani has shifted. The FBI subpoenaed a computer from the store, which is reportedly connected to a money-laundering investigation, but it’s impossible to compare that machine with the supposed copy.

      Anyone who reports on leaked digital materials, as I have, knows that it is trivially easy to fake, modify, subtract from or add to, and otherwise mess around with any documents in any cache. Some documents carry indelible marks, such as any emails that are signed with DKIM security signatures, but everything else can be messed with.

      In this case, we haven’t seen the originals, just PDF printouts, and the New York Post has not been forthcoming with any detailed or satisfactory account of its own authentication process. It hasn’t said how it determined the authenticity of the cache as a whole, or individual items it has reported on, and has continued handwaving about the FBI subpoena, and the lack of denials from the Biden camp.

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      By now, it it is not evident that the media and the big tech have actively collaborated to suppress this story,  then you are drinking the Biden cool aid.  The MSM is in the tank for Biden and will even lie to support him, let alone not reporting anything negative about him.

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      Spud Demon
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      Anybody who is certain this is an actual Democratic scandal has obviously drunk the Ghouliani kool-aid.  This stinks of Putin, who is a very creative and resourceful spy.  Or it could have been a domestic GOP spy.  Whichever, this is what I imagine his orders were:

      • Steal Hunter Biden’s laptop
      • Add some scandal to the e-mails contained on it
      • But don’t touch any of the ones which can be authenticated
      • Splash water on it until there is a problem with the keyboard or trackpad
      • Try not to harm the hard drive (maybe remove it for the water operation)
      • Have an agent who looks vaguely like Hunter give it to a semi-blind repairman
      • who happens to be a vehement Trump supporter.

      Possible followup:  Stay in touch with the repairman, online, and encourage him to “do the right thing”.

      Unless Barr stops the investigation, the FBI will look for evidence of hard-drive tampering.  There are methods by which they can see tampering, but there are also methods to cover it up, so it’s very hard to conclude it absolutely wasn’t tampered with except for certain authenticated e-mails.  And it will take time, obviously the results won’t be ready by election day.

      Should the media immerse the public in the story before then?  Hell no.

      The single authenticated e-mail contains a thank-you for an introduction.  I take that to mean Joe probably shook the hand of a Ukrainian Oligarch in a social context.

      B. F. D.

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      IIMHO Putin stinks less than our news media, our congress critters, our president and his Supreme Court and followers, Joe Biden and the corporatists, the war machine ESPECIALLY, the republican and “democratic” parties, the neoliberal agenda, the US oligarchs and their multinational corporations, our corporate “healthcare”, our “exceptional “ propaganda, US smug ignorance, Trumps racist white nationalist encouragement, and a low tide on the Maine coast……and a well used outhouse.  I can’t stand this “evil Russia” narrative.  Who are we to accuse?

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      Average Gazoo
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      The US media has mostly performed in lockstep unison to suppress any real discussion of the Bidens’ profiteering.

      His son is a liability and an ongoing embarrassment — so be it but censorship is not the answer.

      Be the Change

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      Thank you for reminding me to check under my bed

      tonight for all these nefarious Russians. I bet they started

      the fires too; and Putin ordered those hurricanes as well.

      He is truly a wizard with supernatural powers.

      So, yes, just like the M$M I’ll spend all my time talking

      about the evil Russians.

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