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  • Pinebox (400 posts)
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    The most beautiful thing you'll read all day!

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  • daleanime (2088 posts)
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    1. Now, let's get some more states…..


    When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
    • ASimpleGame (930 posts)
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      2. In New York, Cuomo recently proposed free tuition for State and City colleges.

      I think some of them are starting to see the writing on the wall.

      • NJCher (1857 posts)
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        4. here's an entire program about Cuomo seeing the light


        It’s an analysis and is about 8″ long. Aired a couple days ago.

        In the interests of meeting  more people, he split up the state of the union into three different addresses and held them in different locations!  There is more he’s doing besides the tuition of state and city colleges. Some of the legislators refused to attend because he did this speech in a non-traditional way.

        Well worth the listen! Like Pinebox’s thread heading, it put me in a really good mood.




        • daleanime (2088 posts)
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          6. Thanks for the link, will give it a listen later……

          let’s see if he changes his owners…….

          When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
      • daleanime (2088 posts)
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        5. A wish I could be more hopeful about that….

        being that I live in NY state, but that looks more like a corporate politician trying to find some cover for a 2020 run then an honest conversion.   While I want every step we can get, I’m done with distractions, a politician that’s on some one else’s payroll is a politician that’s working for some one else.

        When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
        • ASimpleGame (930 posts)
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          8. I have no doubt it is more to do with a 2020 run, but

          it also tells me that he sees the writing on the wall.  You want to keep your job?  Move left or get left behind.

          They may try not to show it but they saw what happened to Hillary in the primaries and the general and they aren’t stupid.  They also see that Bernie’s popularity is not just a flash in the pan that went away after the elections.  They do know he could have and should have won the Democratic primary and general elections.  They also like status and power as much as money and if they can’t have it all they will settle for status and power.

          We have to take advantage of who we have in place now, but you are right they need to be replaced by true liberals as soon as possible.

  • Rider (1976 posts)
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    3. Now that's a beautiful thing…

    If not now, when?
  • Silver Witch (4774 posts)
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    7. Ohhh California how I love you!!!

    proud to be one, happy to be home again after 20 years in hell (DC).

    I was sad that Hillary seemed to win here but now I see we are really okay. She just seemed to many the lessor of two evils.

    California Rules..Republicans DROOL!!!

  • Xyzse (2511 posts)
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    9. That's definitely hopeful.

    Happy to see it.