The Most Common Medicare For All Smears, Debunked

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      When the individual costs are brought up, the question is usually “Will taxes go up for the middle class?” Warren struggles to directly answer this question, but always clarifies that household costs will go down for working class people. Bernie is comfortable saying that, yes, taxes will go up, but also reiterates that household costs will go down. This is true, because what middle class Americans currently pay in deductibles, co-pays, and surprise bills exceeds what they would pay in taxes under Medicare For All.

      The question of total system costs is more of an issue, but still not very much of an issue. The Koch brothers found that in some scenarios, Medicare For All would cost less in total than our current healthcare system. They found that savings could come to approximately 2 trillion dollars, since many unneeded administrative costs could be eliminated.

      The study also presents a potential increase in care given that could lead to an approximate 3 trillion dollar cost increase, due to there no longer being barriers to uninsured or underinsured people receiving healthcare. It is worth asking whether the added care doled out would primarily go to people who superfluously schedule extra doctor’s appointments just because they can, or people who are currently not seeing doctors because they live in poverty.

      An important point to make here is that even if the total cost of the system does go up, that difference would be paid for by taxes on millionaires and billionaires, who would likely still end up being able to afford their thousand dollar brunches. It is subjective whether this cost to the 1% would be worth it to prevent Americans from going bankrupt because they got cancer.

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