The Night of the Mad Moderates

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    While other moderates in the race, most especially Biden, have talked up bridging the partisan divide in an amorphous, almost spiritual sense, Buttigieg argued, at least as far as health care policy was concerned, that the best way to heal country was through policy moderation. The Sanders vision for Medicare for All, he said, would only inflame existing political tensions.

    “Our country will be polarized more than now—after everything we have been through, after everything we are about to go through, this country will be more divided. Why divide this country over health care when there’s a better way to deliver coverage for all?” This was an odd shift from a candidate who spent early debates encouraging candidates to ignore inevitable Republican efforts to paint Democrats as extreme. It was also a misleading elision of the differences between Medicare for All and the plan he has proposed: The very choice as to whether or not enroll in a public option, which Buttigieg likes to tout, means that his plan would not necessarily deliver care to all, and it would moreover preserve for the insured the cost sharing eliminated under Medicare for All. Buttigieg’s framing is nevertheless common in moderate rhetoric. Beyond being electorally necessary, progressives are told, moderates actually share the same goals as figures further left—that the party’s divisions are ultimately a matter of choosing between reasonable and unreasonable paths to the same destination.

    In truth, Democratic moderates and progressives fundamentally disagree about the scale of the problems facing the country—and the planet—as well as the solutions they require. Tuesday night’s debate was a reminder that the tensions present in discussions of healthcare, or climate change, or the basic structure of the economy will be sustained not only through the rest of the primary but well into the next Democratic administration—and that the obstacles to passing ambitious legislation will be not just provided by Republicans. Haughty and bitter moderate Democrats, all just as miffed as Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Biden seemed to be Tuesday night that the party is moving away from them, will pose their own challenges.

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    Mayor Pete Butthead is more and more revealing just how disingenuous he really is. He’s saying what the Dem leadership, such as the Pelosi,  the Clinton’s and Schumer want to hear. These people are in a bubble and don’t get that the general populace is being ground to dust by their neoliberal leadership.

    And who’s doing his level best to polarize the discussion, why none other than Joe Biden. Outrageously lying and misrepresenting M4A for one. So here we are again, being told to be good Dems, be “realistic”, just go along with the “Adults” and everything will be fine while they and their wealthy masters continue to extract every last thing of value from us. And even if we do get Bernie elected, you know they are going to do their level best to sabotage everything they can. With “friends” like this, who needs enemies? So, Well,  NO IT WON’T BE FINE”.  And this voter is having none of it.

    Oh, and I’m tired of the Kumbaya that came out of so many of them when it comes to working with the rethugs. You know the party that doesn’t believe in Democracy, the party that’s ripping children from their parents and jailing them, that would institute a Theocracy as long as they get to be in power. This above is just for starters and probably should be a separate rant. You work with evil, you become evil.


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    Mayor Pete thinks he’s politically courageous because he dares to be gay. I guess he has a point there, but why does he shrink away from any serious battle for basic Democratic values? His courage is the kind that won’t do us any good.

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    @mayorpete Listen, you pompous little toad, there is no better way to provide health care for all Americans than Medicare for All, except maybe full-blown socialized medicine like Attlee got passed in the UK in the 1940s. Oh no, you don’t want that, do you? Which means you should support M4A.

    Wait? What’s that? Oh, my mistake! You didn’t say health care. You said health coverage! As in private, for-profit coverage, which tells me you really don’t care about 30,000 Americans dying every year because they don’t have access to health care or 500,000 of us going bankrupt every year because we went into so much debt to your donors. Got it. In that case, go fuck yourself.

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    ButtGig is just another Barry wannabe, hoping to use his personal story to get elected so that he can cash in serving the Oligarchs.

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