The Other Student Debt: US Kids Struggle to Pay for School Meals

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      Hannah, 12, and Hailey, 14, started selling lemonade on weekends to help pay off the roughly $35,000 in lunch debt that schoolkids in Davidson County owed by the end of the last school year.

      “My friend couldn’t buy food at school because she didn’t have the money,” Hannah, who just started sixth grade, told Al Jazeera. “She came up to me in the hallway and said, ‘Hey, Hannah, the school just gave me a paper that said how much debt I’m in.'”

      “Whenever you go to school, what helps you to think in class is food, so you’re not thinking about how hungry you are and have energy,” said Hailey, who just started eighth grade. “You’ve got to have your lunch.”

      To date, the young activist sisters have raised $13,252.17 for 20 Davidson County schools, with six schools’ balances left to wipe out, according to their mother, Erin Hager.

      “It’s a big issue. We’re in the United States and there are kids going hungry, for goodness’ sake,” Erin Hager told Al Jazeera. “It seems like an oxymoron.”

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      I think in other more civilized nations, food is free for all students.


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