The Passion of Bernie’s Base Is the Path to Victory

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    One reason why this theme is so popular is that the professional pundit class is genuinely startled and stung by the phenomenon of ordinary people being nasty to them online about politics, their very own area of expertise. One detects a note of injury in Chuck Todd’s lament when he says, “We’ve all been on the receiving end of the Bernie online brigade.” In fact, only three days prior Todd had faced a backlash online from Bernie supporters after defending the honor of billionaires on air. No doubt he was airing a personal grievance.

    To understand why mainstream media personalities so often let slip that they feel unnerved and wounded by Bernie’s online supporters, we should register two major recent cultural changes. First, social media has altered the fundamental dynamic of political journalism and opinion. Whereas for decades having opinions about politics in public was the province of a well-paid and generally well-respected profession, it is now a pursuit undertaken by millions who lack the requisite pedigree and connections.

    The “Bernie’s brigade” complaint is, at least in part, a howl of frustration from the mainstream punditry, which had grown accustomed to delivering assessments without being assessed back — or, at least, not that they could see. On social media, specifically Twitter, people not only disagree with them but mock them. Nothing is quite so threatening to the professional cognoscenti as mass irreverence. The whole point of a pundit is that people take their opinion seriously; social media threatens to expose their authority as a farce.

    But this doesn’t answer the question: why Bernie supporters? This is where the second major social change comes in. At the same time that ordinary people are finding new venues to register disagreement and disapproval, class consciousness is on the rise. Crudely defined, class consciousness means awareness that you belong to a class, that your class is locked in struggle with another class, that the privileges enjoyed by the other class come at your class’s expense, and that for your class to advance it must do battle with the other class. Needless to say, it necessarily entails a degree of antagonism.

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    We could have accomplished something long ago. Well, perhaps we could have gotten closer to fixing a major part of our culture: The Corporate Media as one example. Just thinking out loud here.

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