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  • Stockholmer (4570 posts)
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    The Pearl Harbor Cabal: Churchill, Stimson, Marshall, Turner vs. FDR — from an

    great listens! you may never think of Pearl Harbor the same way again


    The Pearl Harbor Cabal: Churchill, Stimson, Marshall, Turner vs. FDR — from an Anti-Fascist Standpoint

    http://tarpley.net/audio/KB-20101207.mp3 (right click, save as)

    Seventy Years Ago Tonight: The Stimson-Marshall-McCloy-Lovett-Bundy Clique Schemed for US Defeat at Pearl Harbor

    http://tarpley.net/audio/20111206-WGT_on_INN.mp3   (right click, save as)


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  • Marym625 (29801 posts)
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    1. Bookmarked

    Really late. As usual. But I want to see this

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • jeepers (79 posts)
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    2. The question I would like answered

    is who built the Nazi war machine? Post ww1 Germany saw hyper inflation , joblessness, chaos in govt , conflict in the streets between nazi and communist.  1930 the great depression. Hitler consolidates power and becomes president in 31 and six years later the condor league bombs Spain.  Bam,  Germany has a world class Army ,submarine corps, air force and mechanized  divisions.. Just like that. It took Money and planning.  If not the international (read American British German ) Banking cabal,  The fucking fascists who own the place, Then who?

    Why  start a world war ? Russias natural resources. The Jewish issue was Hitlers obsession reinforced by Henry Ford who  btw started building factories in Germany in 1923.


    • Rozinante (4338 posts)
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      3. Financing….

      Public works projects were funded by massive deficit spending. Rearmament by a shadow economy backed by Mefo Bills ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mefo_bills ) which were essentially govt IOUs kept off the books so their violation of Versailles Treaty was harder to detect.  It’s also likely that some pre-war financing came from foreign govts and banks in US, Spain, and Switzerland.

  • Peace Patriot (3747 posts)
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    4. In the 2nd vid, he says Pearl Harbor & 9/11 are nothing alike.

    It’s toward the beginning of the vid.  I’m not sure what he means by this, but we have some notable writers – Robert Kagan and the Neo-Cons – in their “The Project For A New American Century” – stating that, in order to re-militarize the U.S., after the disaster, carnage and defeat of Vietnam, they would need “a new Pearl Harbor.”  And, lo & behold, they got their wish!

    • Stockholmer (4570 posts)
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      5. He is referring to the defeatism that was running rampant amongst the US

      military, especially the US Navy.

      He absolutely believes that PNAC and other parts of the cabal were involved in a MIHOP action for 9-11.

      here is few links for his 9-11 thoughts (there are hundreds, plus a great book)

      The Last Secret of 9/11 Truth: The 46 Drills, War Games, and Operations that Made It All Happen





      9/11 Synthetic Terror 5th ed. (Regular Edition)



      Tarpley is a polymath, a PhD historian, and a prolific writer. He has literally thousands of articles, books, monographs, talks, lectures, articles, interviews, radio shows, televison shows, podcasts. I found him him to be extremely enlightening over the last 2 decades or so.


      here are 2 different from the subjects above


      Russia’s Participation in the U.S. Civil War


      Historian Webster Griffin Tarpley talked about the contribution of Russian Tsar Alexander II to a northern victory in the U.S. Civil War. He said that the Imperial Russian government had issued an ultimatum to Britain and France specifying that if those powers should intervene on the side of the Confederate States of America they would immediately find themselves at war with the Russian Empire. Mr. Tarpley marked the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Russian Baltic Fleet in New York City on September 24, 1863, and of the Russian Pacific Squadron in San Francisco on October 12, 1863. He argued that it was the presence of those fleets that provided the final deterrence. Russia was the only country to extend direct military support to the Lincoln government.


      Webster Tarpley interviewed on Syrian television (2011)

      Tarpley Interviewed by Hanaa Alsaleh of Syria’s Addounia Television, Damascus, Nov. 21, 2011 The Anatomy of the NATO-CIA Destabilization of Syria: Tarpley Interviewed by Hanaa Alsaleh of Syria’s Addounia Television, Damascus, Nov. 21, 2011

      • Peace Patriot (3747 posts)
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        6. I'm editing this.

        This is true:  Had no idea whatsoever about the Tsar’s support for the North in the civil war!  Intriguing!

        Yes, that’s intriguing.  And so are these other Tarpley topics.  I ordered a couple of his books.  Then I began skipping around YouTube and I’ve come across some views of his that are making me uneasy.  In criticizing some Obama appointees, for instance, he claims that the environmental appointees have a plan to exterminate billions of people because the planet is unsustainably overpopulated.  I don’t know about the quotes he makes from these appointees’ books – don’t know the books, don’t know if he is accurately quoting or quoting out of context – and, frankly, I’m not inclined to trust or favor any Obama appointees – most of them were so bad!  But Tarpley’s own views come out in his discussion.  He appears to be a climate change denier, thinks green advocates are kooks, thinks 7 billion world population is okay, thinks the only problem with our starving millions is not enough food production!  He is the kook, it seems to me.  That’s an absurd and obscurant view.  What it is obscuring is the rich starving the poor!  And I note that the YouTube channel for this is Infowars – not a channel I would expect any truth from, especially about the poor or the environment or the unfolding climate change disasters that we are already seeing.

        So, Stockholmer, I’m going to watch a few more of his YouTubes, to make sure I haven’t misjudged him.  On current evidence, he may be just one of these eclectic thinkers who will speak on anybody’s channel, and who gets some things wrong.  Be back in a while.

        Okay, I’m back already.  I’m now looking at a Tarpley YouTube in which he is lambasting the Bush junta Neo-Cons – Kagan, Wolfowitz, et al, and, first off, lamenting their refusal of Putin’s peace overtures.  He calls the Neo-Cons “Dr. Strangeloves.”  Can’t argue with that.  He calls “Scooter” Libby a monstrous war criminal.

        A bit later:  He was good re: the Bush junta.  I’m now watching him on 9/11.   He’s focusing on the USAF and NORAD – quite right, in my opinion – the key to the whole thing.

        “Webster Tarpley on the 46 Drills of 9/11”


        Tarpley is pretty convincing on the 46 USAF drills that day, as cover for and masking of the insider 9/11 attack.  It’s odd, though – he dismisses Cheney as not capable of coordinating it, dismisses Mossad (although Mossad could have done the demolition while all this other was going on with NORAD and our air defense) and posits, instead a private command center, where a rogue network within the USAF and coordinating with top players like Brent Scowcraft and Warren Buffet – but he never mentions Rumsfeld, who was in the best position to actually command all the pieces ( – and – something I myself noticed in researches – about 5 months before 9/11, had altered the chain of command at NORAD to favor himself as sole decision maker).  Tarpley doesn’t even mention him.

        Well, we should really retire to the cocktail lounge (“Creative Speculation”), shouldn’t we?  It’s one of those taboo topics that could get us datamined by Stratfor.  So, end of discussion, except to say that the corruption of NORAD really pushed my heartfelt patriotic button, when I realized what had happened there on 9/11.  More than anything else.  Maybe because I have AF in the family and they are good guys – really good guys – the best.

  • MistaP (8420 posts)
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    7. yeeeeah, this holds as much water as the "Yalta Betrayal" theory

    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)