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      USPS worker with gloves and mask crosses street amid coronavirus outbreak in LA

      Last Thursday, Charles Martin showed up at the post office in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he works as a letter carrier. When he arrived, he learned that a clerk in the station had been quarantined after she displayed symptoms of Covid-19.

      “I heard about it from somebody else in the station, because management hasn’t announced it yet,” Martin told me. “Half the station still doesn’t know.” He keeps going into work though, he said; after all, the number of packages has started to ramp up since Ohio’s governor closed bars and restaurants on March 15.

      “We’re an essential service, so we’ve got to keep going,” Martin said, “but there are a lot of older employees at my station, and I’m worried about it spreading to them.” The oldest carrier, he said, was more than 75 years old; as of Tuesday that carrier and all the others in Martin’s station were showing up, though many of them are afraid to interact with their coworkers and their customers.

      As the coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, the Postal Service has struggled to maintain its crucial role in connecting the country, while also protecting its workers and customers. These challenges are not limited to disinfecting surfaces or social distancing, either: Many post offices have long been understaffed, and the coronavirus is poised to push an already overworked labor force to a breaking point. Without drastic action, the virus could soon threaten the Postal Service just when it’s needed most.

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      This is going to affect many countries the same way the Black Plague affected Europe.  Countries with decimated populations are going to begging for immigrants.

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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        I doubt it, since it targets mainly those who are already out of the workforce.

        More likely that younger workers, already financially insecure, will be willing to work for pennies when their assets are decimated.

        i know a young guy who gave all his savings to his gf so she could be safe w/ her kids.  he has no cushion himself now.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      all delivery services are ‘breaking down’ and for the same reasons — high demand & workers overstressed with too few resources

      In the postal service, its the money, staff & facilities they/ve cut & cut + workforce increasingly part-time & low-benefit

      In other delivery its the same private capitalism and private profit + overstressed contract workers

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      Relative works for post office. Has underlying health conditions. Very little preparation has happened. There isn’t enough concern for these workers and the M$M hasn’t mentioned the USPS at all when speaking of FEDEX and UPS. It’s like the PO is immune or something.

      Two different sources(both supposedly in the ‘know’) have quoted two different numbers for number of affected individuals at a local Post Office.

      One, a gov’t agent, has told me only ONE, sources from the area tell me 19.

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      No packages ordered,mailbox disinfected,all mail picked up with a thick paper towel and hands washed after handling.

      This even though our mail woman wears rubber gloves when she delivers.

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      Snort McDork
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      We will be F’d for sure if that happens.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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      They’ve been attacked and undermined for years; I couldn’t blame them for giving up, but we need them like never before!

      Fwiw, I try to tell them how much I appreciate them at every opportunity.

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      Hi sos,

      Yep – already starting to see the impact.

      Had a package shipped priority mail a week ago last Friday (9 days ago).

      It is now nowhere to found in the postal tracking system.

      The original estimate for delivery was Monday March 23.

      Now no estimate of delivery is provided.


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