The President did the White House tree-lighting ceremony behind a bullet-proof panel? Sure looks like it.

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    Is that a new thing, or have previous presidents done the same?

    video in tweet

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    Hi cmt,

    More likely that was just a wind screen so certain recalcitrant hairs would remain constrained.  Vanity demanded no less.


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    Was that Malia or a robot from the Stepford Wives? She did move to wave, but it was quite a mechanical motion.

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    It appears so.  If I were Trump (and the fact that I am not, and am the exact opposite of him, makes me humbly, eternally grateful to the powers of creation and existence),  I would do the same.

    Nov 2017

    Speaking from behind a bullet-proof glass enclosure, Trump also bragged about the mild weather, which hovered in the mid-50s, and compared himself to President Ulysses S. Grant, who signed legislation making Christmas a federal holiday.



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