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  • Eggar (2094 posts)
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    The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Bigger

    By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, http://www.PopularResistance.org
    February 4th, 2017



    The awakening of mass protests against Donald Trump’s executive orders and appointments could become a real movement, but it must realize a critically important point: Trump is not the problem, the system is. Trump is a symptom of a long-term trend of a failing democracy that is too closely tied to Wall Street and the war machine. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are part of this failed system that does not represent the people of the United States. This week the Economist Intelligence Unit issued its ninth annual Democracy Index. In doing so the report described the decline of US democracy as developing over decades. People have lost faith in the elected government with “political disaffection with the functioning of democracy.” They also describe Donald Trump as “being a beneficiary of the low esteem in which U.S. voters hold their government, elected representatives and political parties, but he was not responsible for a problem that has had a long gestation.”


    In short, the United States is in a crisis of Democracy and Donald Trump is a symptom of that crisis. To be an effective political movement we must see the crisis for what it is and focus on the root causes of failed democracy. Our movement should not be about Trump but about transformation of the United States.

    Immigration Prejudice Has Deep Roots

    We could go back to previous generations and more than 100 years of examples of the mixed views of the United States both being a nation of immigrants but also one that commonly mistreats and is prejudiced against immigrants. This prejudice has been seen in every recent president of the last several decades, as one said:….


    [More:] https://popularresistance.org/newsletter-the-problem-isnt-trump-its-bigger/



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17 replies
  • BillZBubb (2919 posts)
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    1. Agreed. We have a systemic problem.

    Whether the Democrats are in charge or the Republicans, the situation for most Americans keeps getting worse. The rapidity of the decline is the only difference between the two parties.

    The system is broken for several reasons, but the key one is the influence of money. We have become an openly corrupt nation. Our politics are dictated by who’s got the deepest pockets to buy influence. And neither party wants to change that.

    The two parties use their red team/blue team dynamic to achieve whatever the big money wants. They keep the voters focused on social issues and minor gripes while the rich pillage the economy.

    A lot of voters, I’m sure, thought electing Trump would throw a monkey wrench into the system. Probably in a few instances it did. But overall, it’s still the same crooked game.

    DemExit! Don't give the Democrats a dime. Don't identify as a Democrat. Drop Democratic identification below 20%. Only then will they support true progressive policy. Until then, corporate money rules.
  • mmonk (2330 posts)
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    2. Truth delivered. I've always been a fan of Margaret.

    I had a blog years ago on the internet that developed a following, especially from public school and health care groups. I used to be a prolific internet writer. But I eventually gave up the fight in that regard. Death threats and other things eventually beat me down since the Democratic Party offered me no backup so to speak.

    • Eggar (2094 posts)
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      3. Sorry to hear about that

      I remember enjoying a great # of wonderful posts by you from way back. Still hold in high regard to what you post to this day

      • mmonk (2330 posts)
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        4. My heartfelt thanks.

    • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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      13. Death threats? Jesus.

      • mmonk (2330 posts)
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        17. Yep. I had to cancel a trip I was on one time because my family

        was receiving threatening phone calls.

  • Enthusiast (11183 posts)
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    5. Recommended to the max!

    "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat, 1848
    • Eggar (2094 posts)
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      7. Thank you for this!

      I’m queuing this for my next watch! (my 2g share loads slow but I have media set for times of inactivity to view after completion :)

    • NV Wino (5910 posts)
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      11. Excellent presentation.

      Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • Major Hogwash (3085 posts)
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    6. Trump is the one that currently is in power, so he is the problem!

    The fact is, Trump is exploiting the system’s weaknesses to the advantage of the corporatists.

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
    • Eggar (2094 posts)
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      8. He only chooses

      the more ethical exemplars of today to remedy what aisles the common folk


      • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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        14. Same cast, different time slot

        always the same damn show

        fuck the locusts

  • Koko (4543 posts)
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    9. This is truly a wonderful read….

    and hits home expressing what many of us here have been saying for years now. We were even thrown off Discussion Board sites because of our views when Hillary was declared the Dem Candidate but Bernie Sanders was our choice because he addressed most of the issues we cared about.  We knew with Hillary we would never get the change in policies we had worked so hard, for so long, to expose.  And, we have little chance of having things not get even worse under the Loose Cannon Trump.

    From the Article:

    “Trump is a continuation of much of US policy, not an aberration. This is so hard for people to see because Trump is less artful and less politic and therefore brings long-term problems out into the open.

    Let’s Not Forget

    We should not have short memories and put all of our focus on Trump. It was during the Obama era that the revolt of the occupy occurred in 2011, three years into his time in office. The revolts against foreclosures, massive debt, particularly student debt, followed. Then came protests and strikes around the country demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage, and protests against the militarization and violence of police in black communities as well as protests against fossil fuel infrastructure, assaults on Indigenous rights, corporate trade agreements and more.

    People were protesting not only because of Obama’s policies but against decades of bi-partisan rule for the rich that had created widespread poverty and high unemployment, stagnant wages and economic insecurity for most people in the US, unaffordable healthcare that made it too expensive to go to the doctor when someone was ill (problems that continue today under Obamacare), failing schools that were being corporatized and privatized as well as never-ending ongoing wars that made the nation  less secure and created chaos around the world.

    Our Task

    We are all working to build a mass movement for economic, racial and environmental justice that is bigger than Donald Trump. As the extremist actions of the Trump administration are put in place we need to remember that extremism for the wealthy, for war and ignoring of environmental catastrophe is consistent with the actions of all recent presidents and the leadership of both corporate parties. Playing political ping-pong by electing a Democrat to replace the Republican will not confront the root cause of these problems. The issues of racism, anti-immigration and bigotry have even deeper histories in the US. The movement we need must be clear in understanding and politically educated enough to understand, Donald Trump is a symptom of a system that is in crisis; transforming that system is our task.”


    • Eggar (2094 posts)
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      10. Thank you for expressing

      and highlighting upon these strong points, Koko!

    • MistaP (6982 posts)
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      12. and the 2015-6 primary shenanigans were the last stand of these cash crusaders

      the Dems’ bosses would rather give up all three branches than win with a Sestak or a Sanders or a Teachout

      they’re willing to twiddle their thumbs for 2018 and lose more Senators, willing to flop in 2020, willing to give up the Supreme Court for decades on end–because the worse Trump makes things for the little people, the harder the establishment can smirk “I told you so” and make us crawl

      http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
      • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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        16. and in fact, nothing trump is doing is anything different than the democrats

        were doing — just more out in the open with less nice talk to make it go down smooth and keep people sleeping

    • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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      15. I hope that's correct and Trump will serve the good purpose of bringing

      the bleeding wound that the US has been for the last 20+ years into focus and people will start getting clued in to the real problems facing us.