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Home Main Forums Help & Q&A The recs for my topic in Greatest on the front page are going down

  • HomerRamone (444 posts)
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    The recs for my topic in Greatest on the front page are going down

    and don’t agree with the number on the post’s own page. Is this a time thing? Also, it’s not showing up on the separate Greatest page at all…


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7 replies
  • Pacco Fransisco (4186 posts)
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    1. Russians are stealing your recs.

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    • HomerRamone (444 posts)
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      2. Nah, it must be Assange


  • Downwinder (1735 posts)
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    3. CT!

  • faultindicator (971 posts)
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    4. You sure? Just tested it there and the counter went up. Must be on your end. nt

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  • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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    5. I see a post by you on the greatest page with 12 recs.

    When I went to the page it also says 12.   Was it more recs earlier and went down?  I have had that happen sometimes, wondered about it.

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    • ThinkingANew (1430 posts)
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      7. delete.

      I looked at the wrong OP.

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  • ablamj (153 posts)
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    6. It's the

    Mandela Effect