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    The smug style in American liberalism: It’s not helping, folks

    When various reports came out last week revealing that the American Health Care Act (i.e., Trumpcare) would disproportionately hurt segments of the population that favored Donald Trump in the presidential election, many liberals could hardly contain their glee.


    “Good, I hope this impacts them horribly. Fuck them. They deserve to be hit the hardest,” wrote one commenter on the liberal website Daily Kos, while a Reddit user opined: “They voted for this to happen to other people, they deserve it.” Other liberals, though not exactly celebratory, could offer no sympathy to the ignorant rubes who let themselves get played by the Donald. Another Reddit user complained: “I think most people who call themselves liberals are tired of having their logic and valid arguments countered with total apathy and ignorance. They deserve [to lose their health insurance]. Period.”

    The overall response from liberals, however, was more of a collective sigh than a collective sneer. For Democrats, this was an entirely predictable development, and yet another example of large numbers of American people voting against their apparent interests because of their ignorance and cultural backwardness.

    After decades of watching millions of Americans vote for right-wing charlatans who advocate economic policies that serve the wealthy and screw everyone else, some liberals have basically given up on appealing to these perceived yokels, who seem to care more about criminalizing abortion and hoarding guns than obtaining healthcare and decent wages. They are dumb, credulous and often intolerant; so why should we — progressive, rational, forward-thinking liberals — sympathize or try to reason with them? Let them lose their health care; maybe they’ll learn something this time around (though we all know they won’t!).




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    2. Mean people suck.

    I don’t care what their politics is.

    It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
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    3. They punched America in the gut by taking the public option OTT…

    That hurt…. The second punch is …. Hey, has anyone seen a follow up bill introduced for single payer?


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    4. Yeah the smug attitude doesn't help

    however how do you fight back against wrong policy without derision?

    Liberals have been too polite before now.

    To keep a person ignorant is to place them in a cage. Julian Assange
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      6. Here's a thought, how about focusing the derision on the damned policy?

      How about not gleefully relishing the thought of people losing their health insurance? Did you see Bernie’s town hall in McDowell County, WV? He demonstrated how it can be done.

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    5. Trump lied to the yokels

    Hillary did not bother to talk with them at all.

    We should now be reminding the yokels that Trump lied to them.  But of course, that assumes that “we” want to win anything.

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      7. Calling them yokels doesn't help either. Just sayin.'

      I'm so cute I shit kittens.
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        8. White trash, crackers, hillbillies

        NASCAR morons, peckerwoods, bumpkins, hayseeds, people whose family trees have but one branch and rednecks.

        A very good way to lose their votes is to insult them.