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  • Haikugal (5329 posts)
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    The snow has stopped and this is

    what it looks like in my little burg.

    Have a nice night everyone!


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  • roguevalley (1656 posts)
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    1. Glorious

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  • oldandhappy (3225 posts)
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    2. magical

    very pretty

  • Iwillnevergiveup (519 posts)
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    3. Haikugal

    Just have to feast my eyes on this exquisite photo as I’m in CA with temps in the 80’s.  TOO SOON!

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  • jwirr (3395 posts)
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    4. There is little more beautiful than trees like that with the sun shining on them

    in the morning. Thank you for sharing.

  • Reciprocity Me (43 posts)
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    5. Oh how beautiful. It looks so peaceful it makes me want to take a walk in it.

    Thank you for a quiet and thoughtful moment!


  • Enthusiast (8375 posts)
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    6. It's cold here in Ohio!


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  • Land of Enchantment (6797 posts)
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    7. That is gorgeous!


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