The Soleimani Assassination

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      The United States is now at war with Iran in a conflict that could easily have been avoided and it will not end well. There will be no declaration of war coming from either side, but the assassination of Iranian Quds Force Commander General Qassem Soleimani and the head of Kata’ib Hezbollah Abu Mehdi Muhandis by virtue of a Reaper drone strike in Baghdad will shift the long-simmering conflict between the two nations into high gear. Iran cannot let the killing of a senior military officer go unanswered even though it cannot directly confront the United States militarily. But there will be reprisals and Tehran’s suspected use of proxies to stage limited strikes will now be replaced by more damaging actions that can be directly attributed to the Iranian government. As Iran has significant resources locally, one can expect that the entire Persian Gulf region will be destabilized.

      And there is also the terrorism card, which will come into play. Iran has an extensive diaspora throughout much of the Middle East and, as it has been threatened by Washington for many years, it has had a long time to prepare for a war to be fought largely in the shadows. No American diplomat, soldier or even tourists in the region should consider him or herself to be safe, quite the contrary. It will be an “open season” on Americans. The U.S. has already ordered a partial evacuation of the Baghdad Embassy and has advised all American citizens to leave the country immediately.

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      First thing that needs to be done is to raze the Baghdad Embassy.

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      The best way forward for Iraq is to ask the US to

      remove their troops. If they won’t comply the Iraqis

      should use total passive resistance, since they are now

      standing behind their government.

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      The assassination of Suleimani has got to be one of the most thoughtless acts of stupidity in the past decade, the Quds force general has been probably the most powerful man in the middle-east for many years and this single act, ostensibly to ‘protect American lives’ will, over time, cost many American lives and will turn the already  turbulent environment into a cauldron.

      While President Trump must take responsibility for this act, I suspect that the overhaul of the American intelligence services and military is long overdue. The world has become a very very dangerous place now and those people in the military industrial complex should answer for their folly.

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