The Supply Chain Disruption Arrives ‘Just in Time’

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      Great article from a new source I just discovered.


      ( The single most important underlying cause of the 2021 supply chain back-up and crisis in the U.S. is a longstanding “shortage” of workers to keep goods moving.

      According to the American Trucking Association there’s a “historic high” shortage of 80,000 drivers. This isn’t just truckers down with the virus. Nor is this “shortage” due to a lack of people who could drive trucks. As any Teamster can tell you, it’s stagnant pay, long hours, high stress, and health issues that drive workers from the industry and keep job seekers away. And that was the case well before the pandemic struck.

      Warehouse workers, who also saw stagnant wages and poor conditions over this period, were also in relatively short supply for the same reasons. The recent wage increases—which resulted from these labor shortages and high “quit” levels—are too little, too late.

      To make matters worse, over the last several years the big freight rail carriers who move goods across the continent have whittled down their workforce using Precision Scheduled Railroading, their version of just-in-time lean production. As a result the number of workers on Class I freight railroads fell from 170,000 in 2017 to 135,000 in 2020, while rail freight increased by 40 percent in weight and 37 percent in dollar value from 2010 to 2019. As the cross-craft rank and file organization Railroad Workers United points out, PSR reduced “railcar equipment when needed,” “clogged ports and terminals,” and exhausted train crews, thus contributing to the supply chain crisis.

      Full article here

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      Every time the SHTF, Americans call out his name in unison.

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      that drive workers from the industry and keep job seekers away.”

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      In other words, you can’t get much done without workers and absolutely nothing done with united workers (if only)!

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