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  • Hobbit709 (2202 posts)
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    The T.Rex of chickens

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    I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing

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  • HassleCat (927 posts)
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    1. He's cute!

    There was a rooster that lived in the woods behind our house who was bigger than Brahma.  He had a beautiful harlequin lower body, with all white feathers on his neck and chest.  I tried to get his picture, but he was too elusive.

  • oldandhappy (3215 posts)
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    2. a beautiful animal

    Beautiful coloring, amazing legs!

  • RadicleFantast (1320 posts)
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    3. I call fowl

    That handsome drake in the background was not impressed:  “Huh. Big bad rooster, but can’t swim worth a damn.”

    • Two way street (1949 posts)
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      4. That turkey in the background was minding his own business too.

      Draft Bernie for a people's party