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      Yup. This is true of colonists around the world, throughout the history of colonization. Colonists are rarely the “cream of the crop.” Those who are rich and comfortable don’t tend to leave home. It’s the desperate who leave. That’s who came to the US, mostly. Contrary to all the mythology you grew up with about pioneers and adventurers, most of the Europeans who came to the US — that is, the white immigrants who were allowed to come here — were refugees, in fact. German-speakers escaping wars between France and Prussia, eastern Europeans fleeing wars and indefinite conscription, Jews fleeing the additional horrors on top of all that of pogroms and other forms of antisemitism (both institutional and on the streets), Irish fleeing their colonial oppressors and famine, and so on.

      The Europeans who colonized the US largely did so by means of a process involving carrots and sticks. White people could emigrate, but they had to carry guns, join the militia, and be ready to kill Indians and round up enslaved Africans who escaped their captors. White people could own land, but only if they took their guns west, stole it from indigenous people, and defended it from them afterwards.

      In Israel, it’s the same, just replace “white” for “Jewish” and “Indian” for “Palestinian.” The mostly white European Jewish colonizers were most definitely refugees as well as immigrants. They were fleeing the aforementioned pogroms in the earlier period of the Zionist movement, which began in earnest in the 1890’s, and then in the wake of World War II, they were fleeing what was clearly a very dangerous continent, where a fascist regime had just ruled most of for years, killing tens of millions of people, including millions of Jewish-descended Europeans, solely because they were of Jewish extraction. The Jewish European colonizers, in short, were fleeing what was — and what remains up til this day — the most horrific mass slaughter of human beings the world has ever seen (Nazi-ruled Europe).

      Unlike today, back in the 1940’s and for centuries prior to that, antisemitism was a very real and deadly phenomenon. The worst of it, up until the 1930’s, wasn’t even in Germany, but that sure changed after Hitler came to power. So basically nobody wanted the Jews. Jews were trying to get out of the most dangerous places, like Germany or countries that looked likely to soon be ruled by Germany, back in the 1930’s, but they — my relatives, in some cases — were kept out of places like the US, Canada, and Cuba by laws that were made specially to discriminate against Jews and other eastern Europeans.

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      Not to mention inaccurate, ID politics tripe with some blatant lies mixed in. White settlers were “allowed” to come here? Like they sought permission? Most didn’t, so there’s a lie. White settlers had to agree to join militias in order to exterminate the Indians who were already here? No, there was no such requirement, and there was little deliberate extermination, for that matter, no matter what liberals prate these days to distract us from the real causes of so many of our problems, which is capitalism itself.

      And don’t compare Zionists to my French ancestors who went to Canada as indentured servants or my Scottish ones who fled the wrath of the Sassenach after the 1745 rebellion. Neither group was thinking Quebec or North Carolina were the lands promised them by a Bronze Age myth, like the Zionists. It’s downright offensive, is what it is. (Not you, Eridani, the article).

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        the author’s treatment of American colonialism is not as strong as his examples of Zionism, but I still find his argument convincing.  That American colonizers were economic refugees made them no less complicit in their destruction of North America and its indigenous peoples…and religious righteousness fostering the manifest destiny is equally applicable.   No coincidence that the constitution included the right to keep and bear arms to organize and mobilize such colonizers.

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      My father never said much to me about his ww2 experience but I do know that all his brothers changed their last names after it ended and he refused to do so. I didn’t know until reading this article that what happened in our family was not an isolated incident. My family had four males that carried the name and my three older brothers have passed with only one producing a male to carry the name forward.I myself helped produce two males to carry our name forward. My sons have helped produce three more. I will pass on proud to have been a descendant of my fathers family but what Israel is doing in Gaza is just wrong. There is no reason for one human to treat another human with such soullessness and much of it directed at children.

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