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    There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! I ONLY vote for grass root "progressive" politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College",and "15 bucks an hour". The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! That is all.....   Have a great day.

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    1. Killing net neutrality proposed under Obama. Never forget it.

    Talking head says that almost under her breath.  It zips by.  Our heads are jerked to “look forward not backward.”

    But this is how the Duopoly Game works, folks.  This is it.  Study the “Rule Book” of Duopoly Grand Theft.  This is Rule no. 1.  The D sets it up and takes the flak.  The R treats it like a ‘fait accompli,’ stomps on our heads and implements it.

    The Duopolist with a D gives trillions of our tax dollars to the banksters to reward them for all their donations (and future checks) and gets away with it due to an economic crash set up by a previous D and implemented by Duopolist R.  (The D deregulates; the R adds tax breaks for the rich and trillions for war; the next D gives trillions to the uber-rich banksters because “crisis.”)

    The Duopolist R proposes privatizing (looting) Social Security (Bush Jr.), gets a lot of flak.  Duopolist D avows support for Social Security but fails to repeal previous tax cuts for the rich, bails out the deregulated banksters, starts 7 wars and takes his check from Wall Street after leaving office.  The next R & pals proceed to bankrupt the Federal government with a trillion+ more for the war profiteers and an unprecedented Billionaires Tax Heist – worst theft by the rich against the poor in human history – and intend to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because “crisis.”

    Too much flak for D to kill net neutrality.  D passes it forward as an “idea.”  Both D’s and R’s hate any kind of “free market” except a market where monopolists are free to monopolize.  The R’s move almost as fast to kill net neutrality as they do to loot every last thing in sight for the uber-rich.  They get it done.

    Results:  Bankrupted nation can’t afford even minimal support for the elderly who paid into the SS fund all their lives.  (It’s been stolen.)  And anybody who wants to complain about it will be throttled on an internet controlled by the monopolists.

    Missions accomplished.  Game over.

    • Peace Patriot (3346 posts)
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      2. Note: Rules on elections for the Duopoly Game.

      (I ought to copyright this Game, and make myself millions so I don’t have to pay taxes.)

      The Rules:  None of the R’s are elected.  They get S/elected by the private, corporate, ‘TRADE SECRET’ voting systems, agreed to by both R’s and D’s at an early crisis point in The Game where trillions in military spending were at issue.  (2002-2004.  “Help (guffaw) America Vote Act”).  The Big D (Obama) gets slicked into the White House to bury the awesome crimes of the previous R’s in the Rose Garden – a subgame game of pre-selection grooming, cynical use of race and “hope and change” that temporarily disguises who he is, and hides the method for placing fascists in power all over the country and eventually in the White House – the ‘TRADE SECRET’ voting machines.

      This is how we got an 8%-approval-rating Congress which represents no one, two of the most despised politicians in our history as are only “choices” for President and the most despised figure in our history AS President.

      It’s no wonder the Koch brothers told their creatures in Congress, “We don’t have much time.”  ( – in ref to the Tax Heist).  This Game is perilous.  Pitchforks and guillotines gathering outside the Game Room.


      • Peace Patriot (3346 posts)
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        3. What's next? Follow the Rules…

        The Duopoly D’s are s/elected next time (2020) and come in with a “clean slate” (heh-heh – looking “forward not backward”).  All they have to do is cut the latest Billionaires’ Tax Heist in half and throw some soft regulations at Verizon and Comcast, et al, that we can argue about for years and that don’t mean shit, and everybody’s happy.  Happy. Days. Are. Here. Again.  (Remember that?  Humphrey ’68 amidst the massive slaughter in Vietnam.)

        But since this is going to happen as Climate Catastrophe really starts hitting the fan, they will need your Social Security and mine to lard up the big private contractors who are going to, a) “fix” Climate Change; b) find us another Planet; or c) keep re-building or re-locating all the military bases, police compounds and government bunkers here or wherever fascists gather around the world, and, with any spare change, civilian infrastructure (homes, roads, hospitals, grids) that get flooded, burned out, melted out, iced in and/or overwhelmed with refugees.

        Call it “the Koch Brothers Dividend”.  (Remember the “Peace Dividend”?  Lol.)

        Half the current Tax Heist.  And you won’t see any of it, except in a bread line.

        I like this guy, though, and I think he’s right.  We, the People, here and elsewhere, have already devised the solutions and just need to help each other scale them up.  Solutions are simple and doable and well-tested for effectiveness and cost (by him and his awesome tribe of collaborators).  A decent, sustainable, cooperative, collective, collaborative life for all.  (“Drawdown”  – Paul Hawken)