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    The Trump Effect on Colleges? Fewer International Students Applying

    From KQED the following news out this morning, which confirms that perhaps Trump’s efforts to squash both immigration and the guest worker visa pipelines is having an effect on graduate degree program enrollments from international students.


    The Trump Effect on Colleges? Fewer International Students Applying

    By Adolfo Guzman-Lopez
    MAY 19, 2017

    This story is part of our series “Trump Ed,” exploring how President Trump’s proposed federal education policies could impact California schools. The series was produced in collaboration with reporters from KPBS, KPCC and CALmatters.

    Admissions officials at Cal State Long Beach were struck recently when they got their latest batch of applications on April 1.

    While there was a slight increase in the number of undergraduate applications received, the decline in graduate applications from some countries was in the double digits: 42 percent drop from India, 9 percent drop from China and a 24 percent drop from Iran.

    “Certainly that number is significant, and we didn’t anticipate that large of a drop in those applications for graduate studies,” said Terrence Graham, the campus’s executive director of International Programs.

    Without their expected getting another guest worker visa stamp on graduate degrees (that they get on top of undergraduate degrees that they get SO MUCH EASIER and LESS EXPENSIVELY than American citizen counterparts here in this country for undergraduate degrees), you could expect that this drop of graduate student enrollments would happen.

    Universities and government, if you WANT more overall graduate student enrollment, then F’ING make it LESS DAMN EXPENSIVE and EASIER for American citizens to go to college instead of sinking them with huge student loan debt.  THIS is why you are facing tough times, if you don’t have the SUBSIDIZATION you have by the wealthy elites of having a cheap foreign labor pathway go through your graduate programs that are mostly filled by Indian immigrants that take advantage of this loophole that you’ve helped foster.

    If INSTEAD of allowing the wealthy elites like Koch brother CROOK$ to $TEAL our wealth and income through so many government policies that they’ve BOUGHT government to institute, you would help average people get the undergraduate degrees with the same opportunities that so many international students have elsewhere that are being exploited for having those opportunities here for their cheap labor programs, you’d have a decent population of well deserving American graduate students in your program, and wouldn’t be dependent on the foreign students that are being pushed through your system to help keep cheap indentured servant labor well populated in this country.

    These statistics BLATANTLY SHOW how even Trump now is tipping the scales with his crackdown on guest worker visas that is rippling through now.  Now is the time for REAL Democrats to offer universities a means to keep their student enrollments up by finding ways to help aid American students have the means to enrolling in their programs and not feel that they are too financially screwed to do so the way they feel now!

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