the trump presidency is a very specifoc kind of reality tv

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      in addition to all the other weird lives that have been bought by the resident of the set at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, i’d like to remind you all that trump is a pro ‘rassler.¬† his rallies are pro ‘rasslin’ events. trump’s job is to appeal to the crowd’s basest instincts. is this reminder really necessary? pro ‘rasslin’ is fake.

      the “locker room” language of pro ‘rasslin’ exposes its roots as a carny attraction. the marks could pay to wrestle a pro with the opportunity of winning fabulous prizes. i’m sure a few side bets were lost as well.

      an important ‘rasslin’ concept is “kayfabe.” the narrative¬† that convinces the marks that all the action, inside and out of the ring, is really real.

      which brings us to the match. the 2 party tag team that separates the mark from his hard earned cash. i think the dems, and the media, are in on the kayfabe. the winner has already been decided and trump will again be crowned wprld champion.



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      And Donald Trump is in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. He brought that same format to the presidency.

      Here’s Trump dropping money on his fans…


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