The U.S. flies Alex Saab out from Cabo Verde without court order or extradition treaty (Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA))

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      On October 16, Colombian businessman and Venezuelan Special Envoy Alex Saab was in practical terms kidnapped for the second time, first by Cabo Verde under pressure from Washington, and now by the U.S., in flagrant violation of international law.

      For nearly a year and a half, Saab had been imprisoned on the island nation of Cabo Verde, 400 miles off the northwestern coast of Africa in the Atlantic. As a Bloomberg article explains, “Saab was detained June 12 [2020] when the private plane he was traveling on from Venezuela to Iran made a fuel stop on the Cape Verdean island of Sal.”  What Bloomberg does not mention is that Saab’s plane was forced to land in Cabo Verde because two other nearby nations in mainland Africa, apparently under pressure from the US, refused to let him land.

      There is no extradition treaty and there was no Interpol order

      The capture of Saab was made without any proper legal basis. While Washington prevailed upon Cabo Verde to seize Saab based upon the pretext that the U.S. wanted to extradite him for alleged crimes, the United States has no extradition treaty with Cabo Verde. Moreover, while Cabo Verde authorities claimed that Saab was detained pursuant to a valid Interpol notice, a regional court in Nigeria found that the detention took place before the Interpol notice was issued, raising huge concerns about the legal validity of Saab’s detention and imprisonment.

      Indeed, this regional court, The Economic Community of West African States Court of Justice (ECOWAS), explicitly “ruled that Saab should be freed because he was detained before the Red Notice was issued.”  As Reuters explains, “decisions by that court are final and binding under a 1991 protocol.”

      LINK–CouncilonHemisphericAffairs, The U.S. flies Alex Saab out from Cabo Verde without court order or extradition treaty


      Lots of background at the above link if you are not familiar with the case.

      Nice to see the U.S.A. doing its own dirty work, kidnapping of a diplomat. Maybe a test run for Julian Assange case.

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      Alex Saab, a Venezuelan-Colombian businessman and diplomat was dragged before a Miami Federal court judge Monday in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit to hear that he is being charged with eight counts of money laundering that could put him in a US prison for 20 years.

      Alex Saab appearing from prison on Zoom before US judge in Miami (Twitter)

      The appearance follows an extra-legal extradition, more akin to a rendition, that took place Saturday afternoon after police in the West African island nation of Cabo Verde stormed the house where Saab was being held and forced him onto a US Justice Department plane that flew him to Miami and a federal lockup.

      Saab was detained after his plane landed in Cabo Verde in June 2020 for refueling. He was en route to Iran to negotiate an agreement to secure food and fuel for Venezuela, which has been starved for both, as well as for medicine, due to the “maximum pressure” economic blockade imposed by the Trump administration against the country. US President Joe Biden has continued these punitive measures, which are aimed at starving the Venezuelan people in order to secure regime change and the imposition of a US puppet in Caracas. Venezuela boasts the largest known oil reserves in the world.

      The extradition–or rendition—was carried out on the day before national elections in Cabo Verde, a date no doubt selected to dull the impact of the news within the country. The ruling party was defeated in Sunday’s election. The opposition party, the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV)—the bourgeois party that was the successor to the PAIGC, which led an armed struggle to overthrow Portuguese colonialism—made little issue over the fate of Saab. Nonetheless, polls indicated that Cabo Verdeans were overwhelmingly hostile to the government’s bowing to Washington’s extra-legal demands, contributing to the defeat of the ruling Movement for Democracy (MpD).

      LINK–, US kidnaps Venezuelan diplomat for defying sanctions regime


      Great, they had the guy in an orange jumpsuit with his hands handcuffed behind his back in court. Good show. Here something else, does anybody see a lawyer sitting next to him? WTF!

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      Viva Venezuela!

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      But that is what we do the world over. Except for Russia and China of course.

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
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      of my Venezuelan friend, “It’s so sad: the people only wanted to do something for themselves . . . that’s all.”

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