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    The Uncomfortable Truth: Are We Hating Donald Trump for the Wrong Reasons?

    By Ramzy Baroud
    The Palestine Chronicle
    Thursday, Feb 9, 2017


    It is interesting how the lives of Yemenis suddenly matter, referring to the US military botched a raid late last month against an alleged al-Qaeda stronghold in that country, killing mostly civilians.

    A beautiful 8-year-old girl, Nawar al-Awlaki, was killed in the operation – planned under the Obama administration, but approved by Trump. Many chose to ignore that Nawar’s 16-year-old brother – both US citizens – was killed by the US military under Obama, a few years earlier.



    Now, we are being led to believe that the war enthusiasts of the past are peacemakers, because Trump’s antics are simply too much to bear.

    The hypocrisy of it all should be obvious, but some insist on ignoring it.

    Full article:  http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_76016.shtml


    War is a crime. War is murder. Murder is a crime. What if Trump were articulate? What if he had the right damn intelligence, as Obama supposedly did during the past 8 years of murdering men, women, and children? If you bomb them from on high are they less murdered than if you do it from the ground? How many dead foreigners are worth one American? or one member of the criminal enterprise called Navy SEAL Team 6? The United States hasn’t declared war since 1941. Every war is criminal under Kellogg-Briand and under the United Nations Charter. Every murder of every human being in a war, regardless of age or gender, is an immoral and criminal murder.


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    1. Trump is a shitstain, reason are many.

    This is one of them just like it was for obama.

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    2. Yo, polly7, good to see you

    where ya been?

    Great article, by the way.  Keep them coming.